XSF Communications Team - 2022-02-04

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  8. vanitasvitae emus: I opened #1066 :)
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  115. emus great
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  161. MattJ emus, I'm just doing another quick pass over the newsletter. I can't remember if we've had this discussion before, but I'd like to remove empty sections such as "Libraries"
  162. MattJ Instead of the current text "No news has reached us :-("
  163. MattJ It's totally okay to not have any news about a particular section of the community for a month - nothing to be sad about :)
  164. emus ok, is fine to me. do you want to PR?
  165. MattJ It portrays it as negative, and may lead people unnecessarily to think that no activity is happening. I'd rather focus on what has been happening, instead.
  166. MattJ Sure
  167. emus Im on the run
  168. emus agreed
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  173. MattJ Submitted a new review with some other minor fixes
  174. MattJ I noticed you committed all the others individually. You can do that if you prefer, but know that you can also go to https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1037/files and use "Add suggestion to batch" to merge them all in one commit..
  175. emus Thanks matt for all the commit
  176. emus ahh, ok
  177. emus should do it
  178. emus Alright guys. now is the perfect time to do a review if you planned and havent done yet. Release is planned for tomorrow. If you want you are also invited to suggest pictures from the news you like
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  182. Sam Ah cool, I don't think I'd figured out how to add those sorts of inline PR suggestions until now.
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  187. Sam Did a quick pass; mostly looks good but I noticed a few incorrect dates and fixed the tweaks I suggseted about Mellium the other day; sorry for being unclear!
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  197. TheCoffeMaker Will be working on ES translation tonight, didnt have time last days 😶
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  205. emus TheCoffeMaker: Many thanks. You don't need to be ready by tomorrow.
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  353. emus singpolyma
  354. emus are you guys alright that I use this image in the newsletter?
  355. emus https://blog.jmp.chat/b/2022-jabber-xmpp-from-sms
  356. singpolyma Yes, that's fine
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  358. emus Great!
  359. emus guys .. is that a client? A new XMPP component has been published and could use some feedback. The component implements a webhook transport that lets users (not just the person hosting the component, but anyone they choose to allow) create HTTP endpoints to receive events on and translate those to XMPP messages. Webhook payloads are processed by middleware and the XMPP notifications are template-based and written in EJS. It currently comes with GitLab and plain Git (yes, plain Git) integrations as well as a crude and untested Slack middleware, but it also understands plain text and PNG, JPEG and PDF content, which is sent to subscribers as attachments via HTTP File Upload (XEP-0363).
  360. emus The code is far from production quality but the developer would welcome any and all comments and suggestions to inform further development. The main repository is hosted at https://gitlab.com/navlost.eu/xmpp/components/webhooks and there is also a demo server available for casual testing.
  361. emus I think I need to squeeze that down a bit
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  364. emus MattJ I assume you are also alright with the export picture from one blog post, right?
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  375. emus nice nicola that you have a new hugo setup for your website 🙂
  376. emus There were many contributors this time, I am not sure if I caught everyone so let me know if you dont find you name in the latest state
  377. emus Almost done people
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