XSF Communications Team - 2022-02-06

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  16. neox Hi there, I'm working on the french translation asap (probably tomorrow morning). Nice to be back πŸ˜ƒ
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  92. TheCoffeMaker done! -> https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1069
  93. emus neox: Great!
  94. emus TheCoffeMaker: will take a look now
  95. TheCoffeMaker emus, no hurry
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  99. emus TheCoffeMaker: Many thanks, I left some comments
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  103. TheCoffeMaker Great will check in a minute
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  105. emus Sure
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  109. TheCoffeMaker emus: oh its abt the file name and location ... iirc it should be ok, but just to be sure let Daniel to review it 😌
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  115. emus TheCoffeMaker: ok alirght!
  116. TheCoffeMaker πŸ‘Œ
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  118. wurstsalat emus: is there a reason you switched the file naming from date to title?
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  120. emus In the ES file? No I havent touched the file
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  126. Jeybe Someone using a CAT for translations of the Newsletter?
  127. wurstsalat emus: no, general newsletter file naming.
  128. Jeybe > Someone using a CAT for translations of the Newsletter? Asking just out of interest, got myself a little into OmegaT a few hours this weekend to try if it may speed up the translation process
  129. emus wurstsalat, I think I dont get 100% what change you are refering to?
  130. emus Jeybe, no clue on this
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  132. wurstsalat emus: it's named newstetter_date.md Before, it was just date.md
  133. emus ahh ok, yes I thought its helpful to indicate files. Is it breaking things?
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  138. wurstsalat It's not breaking things. But maybe naming it date-newsletter.md instead would be better. That way you'll have sorting and indication
  139. emus agreed
  140. emus lets make an issue for the next one. then we also change the old one, as it breaks the links we posted. in one months it is not too bad then
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  143. wurstsalat Yes please create an issue. I can unify those in the coming days (without breaking anything)
  144. wurstsalat The PR is fine then :)
  145. emus I did
  146. emus ok great
  147. emus TheCoffeMaker
  148. emus then review the comments and I can merge it
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  150. Licaon_Kter https://profanity-im.github.io/blog/post/profanity-on-pinephone/
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  176. Jeybe > It's not breaking things. But maybe naming it date-newsletter.md instead would be better. That way you'll have sorting and indication Yeah I also had to search for the file first
  177. Licaon_Kter wow > https://www.linux-magazin.de/ausgaben/2022/02/bitparade/ ...won't show the page...only a "captcha" sh-t from CF, oh ffs
  178. Jeybe > Yeah I also had to search for the file first But indication is a good idea, since there are sometimes other blogposts in between that are not newsletters
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  224. TheCoffeMaker emus: great, where did u left the comments?
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  229. emus TheCoffeMaker: in the github PR?
  230. emus dont you see them?
  231. TheCoffeMaker emus: no πŸ€”
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  233. TheCoffeMaker https://cyberdelia.com.ar:5443/upload/0f1c746271efd83f8c67ec4e2fdb1075cb88684a/FMlPQWD4C67rzgaTaN8jOrOtmKAVy013ACa2ER22ym3HR9iw2mA4iW9o4T39/olApD2l7SYCw-MAAnbzCCw.jpg
  234. TheCoffeMaker emus: anyway Im making some corrections ... Will push again in a few minutes
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  236. TheCoffeMaker done ... pushed the changes, but still not seeing your comments in PR
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  242. TheCoffeMaker emus, daimonduff made the last review changes
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  246. TheCoffeMaker she knows better the spanish than me πŸ˜…οΈ ... have been soo many years working and speaking english on daily basis that I've forgotten the tilde use, so she does a better job with that than me ... she is a systems engineer so she know the technical language ways
  247. neox Hi, here is the WIP french translation https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/lettre-d-information-xmpp-de-decembre-2021-et-janvier-2022
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  273. TheCoffeMaker emus just verified ... no other comments besides of those and no notifications neither
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  279. emus Yes you are right. let me check
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  289. emus TheCoffeMaker: now
  290. emus forgot to hit comment
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  325. emus TheCoffeMaker: Funny, I speak a bit of Spanish. I saw your draft, and I wondered: Hmm why is he not using all the Β‘ and Γ© Γ‘ etc. as I learned it πŸ€” I guess your wife helped so I can relax about it now πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰ If she wants to be named in the contributor listing feel free to add to the PR Other than that great work!
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  328. TheCoffeMaker yeah .. she made last review facepalming πŸ˜…οΈ
  329. TheCoffeMaker oki ... let me ask
  330. emus wurstsalat: Would it be possible to link to the external translations in a similar way? I was also wondering if it shouldnt be aleady an entire separate directory for the newsletter .md
  331. wurstsalat emus: I wouldn't want to link external translations that way. Keeping it local certainly helps reducing 404s over time
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  333. emus ok
  334. wurstsalat A separate directory would need a rewrite of many paths. I'd like to stick to what there is now. Best name file `date-newsletter.md`
  335. emus wurstsalat: agreed! just asking
  336. TheCoffeMaker emus, done, also added her to contributors list ... take a final look!
  337. emus Merged! Muchas gracias!
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  342. TheCoffeMaker De nada!
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  376. emus ☺
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