XSF Communications Team - 2022-02-14

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  27. emus

    kikuchiyo: can you remove deprecated and obsolete xeps? Link Mauve: wurstsalat can we use his script to render a list like this? or can the PR do such a thing already?

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  72. kikuchiyo

    emus: I noticed that xep 0048 is deprecated but a requirement for _advanced group chat_ https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0459.html#nt-idm45924173849280

  73. kikuchiyo

    Also I was wondering why there are widely adopted XEPs which are final/stable that don't show up in 0453.

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  77. kikuchiyo

    > kikuchiyo: can you remove deprecated and obsolete xeps? I can provide a file without those lines. My intent to include those was to raise the question whether they should be removed from affected clients, or whether they are backward compatibilities. (That is a question for XSF and client devs.)

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  81. kikuchiyo

    And what's up with XEP-0114 as a part of _core_ compliance but nobody is using or documenting it?

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  105. la|r|ma

    0114 is only for servers. client's can't implement it.

  106. la|r|ma

    0114 is only for servers. clients can't implement it.

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  108. la|r|ma

    I agree 0048 should probably be removed from an upcoming iteration of compliance suite, we have it there because it remains the most used method for as long as some clients won't implement 0402

  109. la|r|ma

    final/stable doesn't imply that it's always a good idea to implement it. 0258 for example is stable, but it's a niche feature not relevant to most clients and certainly not for the public, federated XMPP network.

  110. kikuchiyo

    la|r|ma: > 0114 is only for servers. clients can't implement it. oh my bad, parsing bug.

  111. kikuchiyo

    la|r|ma: > final/stable doesn't imply that it's always a good idea to implement it. 0258 for example is stable, but it's a niche feature not relevant to most clients and certainly not for the public, federated XMPP network. Yes, but what about those widely supported like 0199, 0203 ...

  112. la|r|ma

    0199 doesn't need to be implemented. It can be useful for connectivity checks to your server, but those can also be done in another way.

  113. la|r|ma

    0203 is kinda implicit via 0313, could be made explicit though.

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  115. Link Mauve

    kikuchiyo, instead of directing DOAP updates to you, it’d be better to direct them to xmpp.org and for you to use it as your source of DOAP files.

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  117. Link Mauve

    You might want to add the Jingle logo to Jingle, like you added the OMEMO logo for legacy OMEMO support.

  118. kikuchiyo

    Link Mauve: ok, give me a link to include in the next pdf.

  119. kikuchiyo

    Which of the following XEPs are only for servers? 225, 386, 390, 397, 409, 433, 445

  120. Link Mauve

    kikuchiyo, https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/tree/master/data contains a JSON file for each client, server and library.

  121. Link Mauve

    If the doap field is not null, it should point to a valid DOAP file.

  122. Link Mauve

    Note that the Content-Type is often wrong, so you’ll have to ignore it. :(

  123. kikuchiyo

    Link Mauve: thx

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  125. Sam

    Link Mauve: there's a Jingle logo? (I was actually looking for something like that the other day and didn't see anything)

  126. wurstsalat

    emus, I'm not sure there is a script involved. kikuchiyo, did you generate this table by hand?

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  128. Link Mauve


  129. Link Mauve

    Sam, this one.

  130. Sam

    TIL; thanks!

  131. Sam

    I should have known that wikipedia would have it if it existed

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  140. emus

    kikuchiyo: did you do table with a script?

  141. emus

    kikuchiyo: ah ok

  142. emus

    Link Mauve: nice

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  153. emus

    kikuchiyo: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/1071

  154. emus

    kikuchiyo: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/1005

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  175. singpolyma

    kikuchiyo: also note that deferred doesn't mean no one implements or that it's a bad idea, just that it missed procedural deadlines. Sometimes deferred stuff becomes stable once again later after someone champions it

  176. la|r|ma

    Deferred is just another Experimental IMO.

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  178. la|r|ma

    We need some "Explicitly Deferred" which is not applied by time but by the fact that nobody is interested any more...

  179. Sam

    How would that be different from deferred as it is today? We could presumably explicitly move something to deferred if the author indicated they weren't interested, but whether it happens that way or after a year seems about the same.

  180. singpolyma

    Yeah, and explicitly deferred could still be picked up by someone else later

  181. singpolyma

    Really I don't look at the status at all, only if the protocol described is good and if anyone implements it

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  183. singpolyma

    And while there xep charts are useful when doing that research, a client saying "we support xep XXX" can mean wildly different things sometimes, so you always have to actually try it

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  185. emus

    singpolyma, la|r|ma: sorry, I think I stupidly raised the to remove it. Question: wouldnt explicitly deferred be obsolete?

  186. Sam

    No, obsolete means "we do not recommend implementing this", deferred means "no one is working on this, but they might start again in the future and it might still be worth having"

  187. emus


  188. singpolyma

    Obsolete is called "historical" and we all implement them anyway because... History

  189. la|r|ma

    Also the reason for deferred could be "this works, but we somehow feel it should be improved before going to stable"

  190. Sam

    Nope, historical is a totally different thing :)

  191. Sam

    la|r|ma: no, that's experimental

  192. Sam

    Obsolete == security issue, deferred == maintainer needed, experimental == being worked on but not ready for stable, historical == documentation of a defacto standard

  193. la|r|ma

    Sam, except if the last change is moer than a year ago

  194. la|r|ma

    which is why I say deferred is sometimes the same as experimental

  195. singpolyma

    Ok, I would definitely not read obsolete as a security issue

  196. Sam

    Sure, that's just the editor forgetting to do things, it's not supposed to happen that way

  197. la|r|ma

    deferred is definitely not maintainer needed

  198. la|r|ma

    it's also sometimes "nobody ever really wanted that XEP"

  199. la|r|ma

    or "we want to get more insights first"

  200. Sam

    That's the most likely reason, but sure, there are other reasons to obsolete something. If I'm generalizing though that's the way to think about it if you're not going to actually go dig in and figure out why.

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  202. Sam

    No, it's neither of those, deferred is just "maintainer needed".

  203. singpolyma

    Possibly maintainer is needed because no one wants the xep and so no maintainer will be found

  204. Sam

    Or rather, it's not necessarily "needed" just "no maintainer" if you want to be pedantic. The point is that deferred XEPs *might* be wanted and maintained again in the future

  205. Sam

    And it's definitely not "we want to get more insights first" unless it's just a mistake and the editor needs to mark it as deferred.

  206. Sam

    At least, not primarily. These things aren't mutually exclusive.

  207. la|r|ma

    There is a number of deferred XEPs where someone designed the spec, everybody agrees it's probably good as is, but nobody implemented it so nobody is really certain. There is no lack of maintainer in those cases.

  208. Sam

    Sure, it can be "we want to get more insight" but then the author leaves so it goes to deferred and it's both.

  209. singpolyma

    Sam: I think the point is that defferred is "expired experimental" so it could mean anything experimental means

  210. la|r|ma

    The XEP author is not always a developer

  211. singpolyma

    Yeah, XEPs getting published with numbers before there are two implementations is an issue

  212. Sam

    Fair enough; maybe I'm wrong, after all these years writing XEPs the XSF process still seems obtuse and confusing to me, so it's quite possible.

  213. la|r|ma

    Maybe check your own XEPs that are deferred and see if they are deferred because you don't want to maintain them or if there is another reason

  214. Sam

    They are deferred because I wasn't maintaining them.

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  217. singpolyma

    I think we're covering two perspectives here. I think that from a procedural / author / XSF perspective deferred of course means "no maintianer" but that's not the information a XEP reader needs or cares about so they will try to infer a more useful status like "fine but abandoned" vs "needs work" vs "being used in the wild but no one cared to bump the xep"

  218. emus

    Okay guys - Let's move the discussion to xsf@ best I think 🙂

  219. singpolyma

    Sorry :)

  220. emus

    No need to be sorry. Please dont feel disencouraged :)

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  308. emus

    I invite to collaborate the review of the GSoC applications text within the next 24hrs. PLEASE use the comment function ONLY and do not edit directly: https://yopad.eu/p/xsf_gsoc2022 See top bar.

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  325. TheCoffeMaker

    emus: I have to send the PR with the ES translation ... Didnt have time to finish it yet 🥺

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  331. emus

    no worries, take your time

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