XSF Communications Team - 2022-02-22

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  68. emus

    but whats the setup now?

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  74. neox

    > hmm my mobile browser does not want me to do it... > PDFs are in: static/images/promo > .md are in: content/community/ Ok thanks emus

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  109. TheCoffeMaker

    emus, hi there ... let me know with which articles we can carry on

  110. emus

    TheCoffeMaker: I will check if I see something good. but for the moment is alright. but more important than doing "more" wouod be to continuously translate the newsletter. I will advertise this soon and I think keeping up this "service" and work is the biggest challenge

  111. TheCoffeMaker

    yeah ... that's the challenge ... good ... we have +2 contributors so far

  112. emus

    Lets not overkill it right away. the next newsletter release is upcoming so lets get your friends fine with it first. but highly appreciated

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  114. TheCoffeMaker

    👌️ ... that's the idea

  115. emus

    In that regard speaking 🙂🙂🙂 Good tine to remind the next release 🎉🎉 https://yopad.eu/p/xmpp-newsletter-365days

  116. TheCoffeMaker


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  118. emus

    TheCoffeMaker: but speak of support - if you want to help. We could really need support in the PR drafting, text formulation and reviewing process of the newsletter. Or pre-drafting the Tweets. if you or others want to hook in here too that would be a great support

  119. TheCoffeMaker


  120. emus

    TheCoffeMaker: If you want, you can start reviewing the link I placed there. If there are just bare links and things are formatted in markdown order (But I have to say that all you guys are doing really well since we started one year ago, I did not expected so much discipline! My bad!)

  121. emus

    if you want then you can look if there are some nice pictures 2-3 we could use

  122. TheCoffeMaker

    thx ... sure ... I'm starting a meeting ... ping u later

  123. emus

    TheCoffeMaker: ok, let me know how it works. my target is to distribute the works in small pieces so many people can support and reduce workload per person. so everyone else is invited, too

  124. TheCoffeMaker

    great ... sounds right ... I think is the way to go too

  125. emus

    👍 so, as said start small, but try to keep it on a continous basis. but of course every help is appreciate, even if short term

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  175. praveen

    Anyone here knows the channel for join.jabber.network ?

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  181. Licaon_Kter

    praveen: you lost it?

  182. Licaon_Kter


  183. praveen

    Licaon_Kter: no, that is a different project

  184. Licaon_Kter

    Oh, noticed after

  185. praveen

    I was under the same impression too, but joinjabber.org is different project

  186. Licaon_Kter

    That's more like a template site, that you can use to share your ID

  187. praveen

    I realized this after suggesting some changes there

  188. praveen

    Yes, I'd like more clients listed there

  189. praveen

    At least for android (quicksy, blabber.im and monocles chat)

  190. Licaon_Kter

    The changes are better asked in the main repo https://github.com/ge0rg/easy-xmpp-invitation

  191. praveen

    Thanks, I will open issues there, it'd be nice if the footer linked to this repo already

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  238. emus

    https://fosstodon.org/web/@xmpp/107843757665399361 https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1496234793213825026

  239. emus

    TheCoffeMaker - if you guys are really really bored, you can of course translate the old newsletter publications. but let's not put too much energy here. All the other task are more important and will have more impact

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  241. TheCoffeMaker

    emus, 👌️ ... will ask if someone is bored first 😅️

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  243. emus


  244. emus

    so, Tinyletter is still not unlocking the account to send mails. I send a second inquiry, but I assume this story is over. Any good and privacyfriendly alternatives?

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  251. singpolyma

    Sourcehut mailing list?

  252. singpolyma

    Or really any mailing list, I just know they have hosted

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  254. singpolyma

    We're boring and use mailman

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  256. emus

    What we need is a distributor, but not a maillist. dunno if that could work

  257. singpolyma

    You mean a mail server? I usually use mailgun when I don't want to use one that I run

  258. singpolyma

    Can send a lot of emails for basically no money

  259. emus


  260. MattJ

    Cons: have to deal with mailman

  261. emus

    no money means?

  262. MattJ

    On the other hand, we already have a mailman installation

  263. MattJ

    It's just very out of date as far as I know

  264. singpolyma

    It's not like it changes much. Especially for an announce list

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  267. emus

    35$ seems to be a bit of too much for 300 subscribers (other 300 does not read or bots)

  268. emus

    I dont know whats best. I can also not tell as cannit do a potential setup

  269. singpolyma

    It would be $1 no $35

  270. singpolyma

    $1 per 1000 emails

  271. emus

    no, the 35$ is the minimum plan I understood, then everything more than 10k at this rate

  272. singpolyma

    $35 is the second plan. You can stay in flex plan forever. I have used it for years

  273. singpolyma

    No monthly fee

  274. MattJ

    I do the same, but I'm sure the pricing page never used to be this misleading (if they haven't changed the plans)

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  276. singpolyma

    MattJ: if you scroll way down the pricing page there's a paragraph that says you can stay on flex under the questions

  277. singpolyma

    But yeah, they definitely want to push you to foundation

  278. MattJ

    Ah yeah, good find

  279. singpolyma

    When I signed but that 5k free was every month, but now you have to pay the dollar

  280. singpolyma

    When I signed up that 5k free was every month, but now you have to pay the dollar

  281. MattJ

    But does Mailgun have list management?

  282. MattJ

    I've only ever used it for transactional stuff mostly

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  284. MattJ

    i.e. as an API (HTTP/SMTP)

  285. MattJ

    But TinyLetter is/was more than that

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  287. singpolyma

    They have your bounce detection etc. But yeah, you gotta plug mailman or WordPress or something into it

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  290. emus

    MattJ: if its 1$ can we have it (if you think thats a good solution?)

  291. MattJ

    Sure, but it's only part of the solution

  292. MattJ

    We actually already have an XSF mail server, so it's mostly the part we don't need

  293. MattJ

    I'm heading to bed, but we can discuss options tomorroe

  294. MattJ

    I'm heading to bed, but we can discuss options tomorrow

  295. singpolyma

    If your mailserver deliverability is ok and you have mailman already and you don't want bounce handling or whatever (which for 300, no need IMO) seems like you could do it all in house without adding anything new

  296. emus

    ok but I was told we cannot send? and do we have a subscription form?

  297. emus

    MattJ: good night

  298. emus

    singpolyma: and the form?

  299. singpolyma

    Mailman has a form. If you want a custom one instead it's pretty easy for me to knock something up in any stack that can deploy where it needs to go

  300. emus

    ok and that html piece is fine

  301. emus

    cannot find it anymore

  302. emus

    singpolyma: ok great

  303. emus

    lets talk tomorrow

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