XSF Communications Team - 2022-02-28

  1. emus

    From tomrorrow the drafting phase starts (of course one can support from today already)

  2. Jeybe

    emus: For german, we'll not only PR to xmpp.org but also keep publishing on anoxinon.de

  3. Jeybe

    That way ppl can also access the Newsletter from a 100% german website

  4. Jeybe

    So maybe both are worth listing in the translation section

  5. emus

    Jeybe: sorry - could you PR the correction?

  6. emus

    or remind me - Im on my way to bed

  7. Sam

    "Final release is planned for 5th March, 2021" I hope this wasn't released a year ago :)

  8. Sam

    Just went to add the mellium update for the month to the pad and I see it's already in there; thanks to whomever added it.