XSF Communications Team - 2022-03-31

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  314. Sam I briefly mentioned the offer of free lemmy hosting a while back; I didn't get much interest in an XMPP one, but I was thinking about doing it myself either way and seeing if anyone joined. I wonder if it would be possible to get a subdomain of xmpp.org to use for it? links.xmpp.org or forums.xmpp.org or something, maybe? Or would it be better to just buy a new domain?
  315. Sam I don't really know what you call this kind of communication. It's similar to federated forums I guess, but I don't think most people think of "Reddit-like" and "forum-like" as being the same thing.
  316. emus Sam: you could rather use xmpp.net
  317. Sam Who runs xmpp.net? Either would be good I think
  318. emus xsf too i think
  319. emus but it is for community stuff
  320. emus MattJ:
  321. Sam communities.xmpp.net might be a good domain
  322. emus But can we evaluate forum software first before we deploy sonething
  323. Sam Nah, I'm just going to set up a lemmy instance and was hoping to get a domain and make it a bit more official; I mean, if the XSF wants to do some other forum software that's fine and great, just not what I'm doing right now
  324. Sam I just want something federated, as far as I know that means Lemmy and I'd like to take advantage of the year of free hosting before it runs out.
  325. MattJ Sam, I don't really see the value in federated Lemmy instances, over e.g. just using an instance like lemmy.ml
  326. MattJ I see more value in an XMPP-focused Mastodon for example
  327. MattJ But having considered that in the past, I decided it's probably better that we're out on other instances, rather than building an island
  328. MattJ Even if the island has bridges and ferries
  329. MattJ Sorry, it's late :P
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  331. MattJ All that said - as far as I'm concerned, subdomains of xmpp.net are available for stuff like this
  332. Sam I feel like Lemmy and mastodon work similarly where the local firehose a good way to discover new related things
  333. singpolyma Lemmy and Mastodon are different UI on the same protocol yeah
  334. singpolyma Though I agree that federated forums are a bit of an odd duck and probably they actually want SSO. But 🤷‍♂️
  335. MattJ Yep, but I guess my point is... I don't see why someone would come to our XMPP link aggregator, rather than /xmpp on some other instance
  336. Sam I'm not talking about the protocol, that doesn't really matter, just the ability to see posts from different related projects
  337. MattJ What we need is some way to round up all the news from across different XMPP projects
  338. singpolyma Some kind of newsletter maybe ;)
  339. Sam The idea of having them together is that we'd have communities.xmpp.net/c/xmpp, but also communities.xmpp.net/c/snikket (or whatever projects wanted to join), you can find them all in the same place and discover new things easier. It also promotes community building between different communities.
  340. Sam Lemmy isn't just link sharing and news, it's discussion too.
  341. MattJ Sure, I'm aware
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  343. singpolyma sopranica has a Lemmy but we only have 10 members so probably could move it if there was a reason to
  344. adiaholic has joined
  345. Sam Yah, no pressure to move of course, I just love the way mastodon forms local server communities like we were talking about in the other room. I'd like to see that for discussions too (and don't like being on reddit, so this would give me some other place to post updates for my own things)
  346. MattJ I considered an XMPP Discourse in the past, but can't be bothered to run it (the XSF could get a discount off hosting though, which I considered looking into)
  347. Sam Anyways, I could see this being an "officlal" XSF project if that's a thing anyone else wants to do, or just something I do because I want a place to put my own /c/mellium or whatever. Either way, if I could get a subdomain of something related to XMPP that would be really nice :)
  348. Sam "official", even.
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  350. MattJ Sam: it would be great if it wasn't an official XSF project, IMHO :)
  351. Sam Sounds good to me
  352. MattJ But xmpp.net has not traditionally been for XSF projects
  353. MattJ I posted to members@ last year about my intention to use it more for community projects, and nobody objected... so I consider that a green light :)
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  358. Sam Sounds good, I'll apply. If anyone else wants to be involved, let me know
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