XSF Communications Team - 2022-04-01

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  104. emus

    > MattJ escribió: > I considered an XMPP Discourse in the past, but can't be bothered to run it (the XSF could get a discount off hosting though, which I considered looking into) Yes, before we deploy new software can we plese compare and weight?

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  106. emus

    Is that now official or just for mellium?

  107. emus

    because I would disagree deployments before we have not compared

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  148. Sam

    It will be for anything, not just Mellium.

  149. Sam


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  157. emus

    Sam: but sorry. I'm against this without comparing the system and actually agreeing together. we have few resources and in the end I will be called to deal with things etc.

  158. Sam

    Don't be a part of it then. This is just something I'm doing.

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  160. emus

    Well I assume we have CommTeam which coordinates on such topics.

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  162. MattJ

    emus: I think you're missing the point of what I said - this is not an XSF project

  163. emus


  164. emus

    Anyway, it would make sense to maybe to try to align so we can agree and push things all together

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  169. emus

    and especially if it relates to kind of official domains

  170. Toxi

    I hate to disturb but i thought its maybe interesting for some of you. https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=xmpp.de

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  172. emus

    And in general, I also suggested to deploy something like a forum and would have appreciated to have a discussion instead of pushing an agenda without looking left and right...

  173. emus

    Toxi: thanks

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  176. MattJ

    emus: where was the discussion about the providers project?

  177. Licaon_Kter

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0464.html albeit the date is wrong :)

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  184. emus

    > MattJ escribió: > emus: where was the discussion about the providers project? well I know and I refuse to make more it a topic because we are also deploying. but here two officials from the commteam did agree to it. And, dont get me wrong, I am not against deploying new things but would prefer to align in general, especially if one is saying "hey can we please compare first before we deploy something" and I wonder in general where we have some coordinating team if it doesnt matter

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  188. MattJ

    Again, xmpp.net is not as XSF thing, and it has nothing to do with commteam

  189. MattJ

    Sam could easily have used a different domain

  190. MattJ

    Being a subdomain of xmpp.net does not make it an XSF thing, and this is the difference

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  194. emus

    MattJ: yes, I understood this, and is good. but see it from this perspective (and this is kind of my persepctive): whatever we do at .net will be treated as official. people will not differ between org and net. everything will be the same for them. Thats why I would like to have a general discussion first. And how many forums we want to deploy? why not aligned before we get more random and fragmented solutions here and there... And I usually always ask for opinion and feedback even though it seems I wouldnt need to. Why? because I want people to support approaches and work in the same direction with the majority... If we usually just do what we want we fragment again and again and thats what I am against in terms of communication... Thats what I am not so satisfied here... Its not that I want block, can we have some discourse first please even its not required officially? I hope my point is clear. (And yes, I raised the discussion topic that we need to communicate, too. we have not yet spread the word as it is not ready to show yet and we will ask for it. And of course I already reachef out to your opinion, too Matt)

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  196. MattJ

    Then if the complaint is that xmpp.net might be accidentally considered official, the real solution is to find a different domain that cannot be considered that

  197. Link Mauve

    Maybe jabber.network?

  198. Link Mauve

    Or joinjabber.org?

  199. MattJ

    I have a hesitation to use any jabber.* domain, but maybe

  200. Link Mauve


  201. MattJ

    Personally I consider it a matter of time until someone in the Cisco legal department decides to take a shot at those

  202. MattJ

    Hopefully I'm wrong... I can't predict the future, but my experience of large companies make me personally feel it's inevitable

  203. emus

    > MattJ escribió: > Then if the complaint is that xmpp.net might be accidentally considered official, the real solution is to find a different domain that cannot be considered that No of course not.

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  205. pep.

    I guess people at joinjabber would be happy to have this kind of thing running? Personally I don't want to undertake maintenance alone. And it may have to go through a meeting (*fear*)

  206. emus

    I basically asking to please have a discourse, ask to coordinate and find a sweet spot... And I hope maintenance and responsibilities are clear when this is running. in the end people will reach out to us because of the forum. and then I just say "not my department" or what?

  207. emus

    pep.: no, leave it at xmpp.net I just dont like that it gets rushed through without and respect to annotations

  208. emus

    pep.: no, leave it at xmpp.net I just dont like that it gets rushed through without respect to annotations

  209. MattJ

    emus, nothing is rushed through. If people make reasonable requests for xmpp.net subdomains or hosting, I see no reason to decline such requests.

  210. pep.


  211. singpolyma

    MattJ: I expect Cisco legal knows it's *far* too late to consider a trademark action against something like joinjabber.org :)

  212. pep.

    singpolyma: it doesn't matter, they got the money :p

  213. MattJ

    singpolyma, haha, although I think it is too late for them to do much about it, I doubt that some intern in the legal department is going to even know about the history of the trademark

  214. singpolyma

    MattJ: dunno, it's kind of why we send them to law school and make them study it :)

  215. MattJ

    You'd think so

  216. pep.

    Plus we never applied to whatever the xsf has as a program for this

  217. singpolyma

    It's not quite as the level of "to Google" maybe, but it's pretty darn close in the relevant ways

  218. MattJ

    I'd like to think that the XSF would step in if anyone in the community did find themselves contacted by Cisco, and that things would quickly get resolved

  219. MattJ

    But I just don't like the unnecessary risk

  220. singpolyma

    I used to think that way. But the more I dig into tort law the more I realize that there is always risk in doing anything. The best mitigation is having an understanding of the situation and something to present for summary judgment rather than to hope no one ever bothers you

  221. singpolyma

    Anyway, none of us is a lawyer and we're in three different legal jurisdictions so heh

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  223. MattJ


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  226. pep.

    I don't have money to pay court fees anyway and I got no money to pay any potential copyright infringement. It's really not an interesting investment for them

  227. pep.

    But if they really wanted, they can always come..

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  229. singpolyma

    Anyone can always sue you anytime even if you've done nothing :) but yeah, it's not really worth it unless you're protecting the mark (no copyright involved in this case, and the mark is already widely used for decades so protection value is meh) or for a hoped settlement (which only matter if the other side has *lots* of money)

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  232. singpolyma

    Like, I could see you and claim you abuse my trademark "huppelii" (which I don't have and you don't use) but why would I except just to waste my money bankrupting you?

  233. singpolyma

    Like, I could sue you and claim you abuse my trademark "huppelii" (which I don't have and you don't use) but why would I except just to waste my money bankrupting you?

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  251. emus

    > pep. escribió: > connotations*? No, my annotations to deploying this forum software

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