XSF Communications Team - 2022-04-13

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  144. MattJ I see we didn't manage to get a nice subscription form for the newsletter, just a link to the mailman interface :/
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  146. wurstsalat MattJ: I tried, but failed
  147. wurstsalat (see recent commits)
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  149. emus jcbrand: maybe you can help here again?
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  170. MattJ emus, do you have handy the current number of newsletter subscribers?
  171. Sam The lemmy instance I was talking about the other day is up and running; I'll add it to the pad. If anyone here wants to join, it's available here: https://community.xmpp.net/
  172. Sam (although I don't really know where to put it; XSF announcements then make it clear it's not an official XSF sanctioned thing? Articles?)
  173. Sam Maybe XSF announcements can just be "XMPP Announcements"?
  174. MattJ Simple, add a "Community announcements" section?
  175. Sam Yah, that's probably best. I'll leave it up to emus since they compile the newsletter and just put it under the xsf heading for now
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  183. emus > MattJ escribió: > emus, do you have handy the current number of newsletter subscribers? 552 :)
  184. MattJ Thanks!
  185. emus > Sam escribió: > (although I don't really know where to put it; XSF announcements then make it clear it's not an official XSF sanctioned thing? Articles?) > Maybe XSF announcements can just be "XMPP Announcements"? Lets create a new sections XMPP Projects there I can place the providers stuff too
  186. MattJ In return, I can share that xmpp.org receives ~90K monthly visitors
  187. emus > MattJ escribió: > Thanks! why? you have the admins access right?
  188. MattJ and the latest edition of the newsletter had 513 visitors to the web page since it was published
  189. emus > MattJ escribió: > In return, I can share that xmpp.org receives ~90K monthly visitors wow 😨😨
  190. emus MattJ: an the newsletter pages?
  191. emus ah thabnks
  192. emus > MattJ escribió: > and the latest edition of the newsletter had 513 visitors to the web page since it was published great to see
  193. pep. Is it easy enough to correlate how many people actually come from the mail? :x (I guess not, and it's probably fine this way :p)
  194. pep. Maybe those without a referrer..
  195. MattJ pep., it's not
  196. MattJ referrer is a bit weird on the web these days anyway, and many people probably have webmail
  197. pep. You mean many people use gmail? :P
  198. MattJ 75% of visitors had no referrer
  199. MattJ 6% (31 visitors) were from Hacker News
  200. Licaon_Kter emus: those of use who never got the actual mail had to visit, like savages, a web page :( :)
  201. pep. Licaon_Kter, must be hard
  202. MattJ The remainder were mostly bounced via internal links from other xmpp.org pages
  203. pep. Where do these 90K visits go actually?
  204. pep. Spambots?
  205. emus > MattJ escribió: > The remainder were mostly bounced via internal links from other xmpp.org pages I dont understand
  206. pep. I mean.. scrape bots* :)
  207. pep. emus, other visitors just came from other xmpp.org pages
  208. emus ah ok
  209. Licaon_Kter pep.: it's a struggle
  210. pep. :P
  211. emus MattJ: but you want to not invest time to the maillist because its low on people?
  212. MattJ pep., I've made a best-effort attempt to remove bots from these results, but obviously that's never going to be 100% successful...
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  214. MattJ emus, where did I say that?!
  215. emus MattJ: no, was a question
  216. emus I mean, I dont blame
  217. emus I would understand
  218. MattJ You think 500 users is a low amount?
  219. emus then its just going to spam folders 🤷‍♂️
  220. Licaon_Kter Do note that, I for eg. share the link to the newsletter when it's out or when it's needed, not a news link.
  221. emus MattJ: no, but I was comparing to the 90k
  222. Licaon_Kter Do note that, I for eg. share the link to the newsletter when it's out or when it's needed, not the news link.
  223. pep. I do think 500 is low fwiw, compared to 90K. I wonder where these go
  224. pep. /getting-started/ ?
  225. emus The 90k are estimate without bots?
  226. singpolyma Most common xmpp.org links in the wild are to the client and sever software lists I think. And the homepage of course
  227. Link Mauve pep., I almost exclusively go to xmpp.org to read XEPs, when I don’t have them generated locally already.
  228. pep. Ah right, XEPs, forgot about those for a sec
  229. wurstsalat time to make those software lists pretty, I guess
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  231. Link Mauve Right.
  232. Link Mauve Indeed.
  233. Link Mauve Now would be a very good time for that.
  234. Link Mauve Brb fixing it.
  235. pep. :D
  236. MattJ Top pages are /, /software/clients/ and /software/servers/
  237. MattJ Followed by /getting-started/
  238. MattJ Most popular XEP is XEP-0124 (BOSH)
  239. MattJ By visitors
  240. MattJ For some reason XEP-0390 is getting a disproportionate number of hits
  241. MattJ As in, someone is repeatedly accessing it
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  244. pep. They're testing caps on the page
  245. pep. Doesn't seem to work
  246. Licaon_Kter MattJ: > Most popular XEP is XEP-0124 (BOSH) > By visitors Web $hit attracts web s... Heh
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  251. edhelas It's because they need to GET the page very often to be sure that nothing had changed in between
  252. edhelas *has
  253. MattJ Hard to keep up with the pace of XEP development
  254. edhelas With 0060 or 0045 you never know, I heard that some goblins are rewriting the page when you're not looking at it 👀
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