XSF Communications Team - 2022-04-15

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  114. emus

    Good morning and happy Easter to whom it applies! almost exactly mid-of month - Newsletter reminder time! I will be limited available till 24th - but you know: Feel free to illustrate the online pad: https://yopad.eu/p/xmpp-newsletter-365days Until then, emus

  115. emus

    Good morning and happy Easter holidays to whom it applies! almost exactly mid-of month - Newsletter reminder time! I will be limited available till 24th - but you know: Feel free to illustrate the online pad: https://yopad.eu/p/xmpp-newsletter-365days Until then, emus

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  122. pep.

    I added a paragraph on poezio 0.14. I'm not sure how you handle pictures generally. In my article I have a <figure> block (in ~html~markdown) and I provide avif and png fallback, so I copied it in for now, tell me if you need something else

  123. pep.

    Also I guess pictures are gonna be copied to xmpp.org?

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  127. emus

    yes, its a markdown string

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  129. emus

    just maybe reference the direct picture link

  130. emus

    or do you create a PR?

  131. pep.

    it's a markdown string?

  132. pep.

    markdown is an html superset so this should work

  133. pep.

    If it's allowed in the static-site generator I guess

  134. pep.

    I have the following in my hugo config: [markup.goldmark] [markup.goldmark.renderer] unsafe = true xhtml = true

  135. emus

    well, we did upload the pictures to the image folder in the github repo. then we referenced to that picture with this markdown notation. if you have a better solution thats fine to me as well. however. we wanted to prevent putting the load to peoples server

  136. pep.

    I see

  137. emus


  138. pep.

    I would have done that for privacy reasons, but ok :P

  139. emus

    pep.: maybe take a look at the prvious release

  140. emus

    > pep. escribió: > I would have done that for privacy reasons, but ok :P what exactly?

  141. pep.

    "we wanted to prevent putting the load to peoples server"

  142. pep.

    I'm not asking where to host pictures, xmpp.org is good.

  143. pep.

    Just asking how to present them

  144. emus

    > ![XSF and Google Summer of Code 2022](/images/logos/GSoC_2022_Logo.png "XSF and Google Summer of Code 2022")

  145. emus

    > ![XSF and Google Summer of Code 2022](/images/logos/GSoC_2022_Logo.png "XSF and Google Summer of Code 2022")

  146. emus

    pep.: ah ok

  147. pep.

    No way to provide different formats? :/

  148. emus

    well if you want to do the effort and prepare this as we ususally do, it would be appreciated

  149. emus

    creating the new image folder for april release uploading the picture

  150. emus


  151. pep.

    I guess we're talking past each other :p

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  153. emus

    😅 I think so too

  154. emus

    can you state your question again?

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  156. pep.

    I guess I already have my answer though. I'd like to provide different image format and this is what I have in the pad atm: <figure> <picture> <source srcset="https://bouah.net/2022/04/poezio-full.avif" type="image/avif" /> <img decoding="async" src="https://bouah.net/2022/04/poezio-full.png" alt="Poezio example screenshot" /> </picture> <figcaption>Release chat in the poezio chatroom.</figcaption> </figure>

  157. pep.

    I know it works, that's what I use in my blog, but you might not have the options enabled.

  158. emus

    Ok, but I cannot evaluate what this means regarding traffic and privacy and also not the mail yet. lets see end of the month

  159. pep.


  160. pep.

    The links to bouah.net are just temporary, we'll move that to xmpp.org

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  162. pep.

    But it's certainly reduced traffic to provide avif, it's half the size of the png

  163. pep.

    And clients shouldn't download the first picture if they can't read that format

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  171. wurstsalat

    pep., we've disabled inline html for the whole website. if you'd like to have images linked with multiple sources, you'd have to create a shortcode for that, then use it in the markdown file

  172. wurstsalat

    something like this https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/blob/master/tpl/tplimpl/embedded/templates/shortcodes/figure.html

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  174. pep.

    it's not exactly <figure> that I want, it's <picture> and <source>

  175. pep.

    Why not enable html? Everything goes through PRs anyway

  176. pep.

    How does one use this kind of shortcode?

  177. wurstsalat

    because there can't be any html slipping through when reviewing PRs. shortcodes let you reuse that html on the page, which has resulted in much easier maintenance so far. no copy paste, no search and replace, just edit the shortcode and that's it. you use it with {{< shortcode >}} while shortcode.html is your html container

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  181. pep.

    Ok I'll have a look

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  203. singpolyma

    pep.: Could split the difference and use webp which is supported everywhere but much smaller than png

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  247. wh0

    Hey guys, I am Berry sorry. I had to create a new PR for the german translation.

  248. wh0

    I am to dump to check the PR out. I am in holidays and don't want to waste more oft my holy vacation time.

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  251. wh0

    I hope you can work with it :) Not nice to work on a small notebook ;D

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  257. wh0


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  262. pep.

    Why does `make serve` listen on

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  284. emus

    wh0: ok thx

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  294. wurstsalat

    pep.: I used that to test from other devices as well. For local testing with a mobile device for example. Listening to won't let you do that

  295. pep.


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