XSF Communications Team - 2022-06-07

  1. emus

    *The XMPP Newsletter May 2022* https://xmpp.org/2022/06/the-xmpp-newsletter-may-2022/ Fosstodon: https://fosstodon.org/web/@xmpp/108437205142418914 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1522997494451367937 Mail send via newsletter@xmpp.org --> consider to make a spam exception here

  2. Licaon_Kter

    > Mail send via newsletter@xmpp.org LIES LIES LIES :(((

  3. Licaon_Kter

    Wait, was the snippet under ejabberd 22.05 there earlier? Looks odd :)

  4. emus

    No, I added it

  5. emus

    as there are no pixturws

  6. emus


  7. Licaon_Kter

    Mmmkay...an odd choice, that's some internal erlang $hit. Maybe a config snippet from docs.ejabberd.im would have looked nicer

  8. vanitasvitae

    Hm, that bit looks odd indeed :D

  9. emus

    I asked what referred best to this and was told this

  10. vanitasvitae

    I see

  11. vanitasvitae

    Still, as a reader its a bit strange :D

  12. emus

    Which code piece do you recommend?

  13. vanitasvitae

    None probably.

  14. vanitasvitae

    Currently there is no explanation for why the code is there or what the reader should make out of it.

  15. vanitasvitae

    I'd just remove it

  16. emus

    its a reference to the changes/features