XSF Communications Team - 2022-10-01

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  60. goffi

    Hi, I'm checking the newsletter pad, thanks for adding news about OMEMO 2 on Libervia. However it looks like I've made the implementation "Goffi just added OMEMO 2 implementation" event if Syndace is quoted, but this one is made by Syndace. Would it be possible to reformulate to "OMEMO 2 has just been implemented in Libervia"? I can do it myself, should I change the pad directly or should I do a PR on github? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1176 doesn't show this text yet.

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  62. goffi

    Also in the "proposed" section, I would change " This specification describes how to handle events with XMPP" by "This specification describes how to handle calendar events with XMPP" as it seems that "events" alone is confusing (it could be pubsub events).

  63. goffi

    I'll update the pad if it's fine. Also I can add a small text about activitypub gateway if it's not too late.

  64. wurstsalat

    goffi: sure, go ahead an edit the pad directly :) feedback is appreciated

  65. wurstsalat

    > I'll update the pad if it's fine. Also I can add a small text about activitypub gateway if it's not too late. Yeah! :)

  66. goffi

    alright :)

  67. goffi

    not sure if AP should go to client or "library and tools", probably the later even if it's in Libervia.

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  69. wurstsalat

    Sounds right to me

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  74. goffi

    Alright, I've made my changes to the pad. Thanks a lot to commteam for the continuous work on this newsletter!

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  87. emus

    goffi: Thanks!

  88. emus

    Good morning in the morning

  89. emus

    Highway to Newsletter 😊

  90. emus

    Anyone motivate to check the chat for missed posts?

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  93. emus

    please dont use the pad for september contributions anymore

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  96. emus

    vanitasvitae: using one of you images, kk?

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  100. emus

    Okay folks, I finalized the draft, I would be really happy to have some reviews asap, so we can publish still today

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  107. vanitasvitae

    Sure :)

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  167. emus

    Puhh I am absolutely ready for vacation now 😮‍💨

  168. pep.


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