XSF Communications Team - 2022-10-02

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  27. emus

    Is.it possible to send a mail directly out of mailman instead of the commteam protonmail?

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  39. nicfab

    Hello! Here is the Italian translation of the latest XMPP Newsletter https://www.nicfab.it/it/posts/newsletter-xmpp/newsletter-xmpp-2022-settembre/

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  59. emus

    nicfab: That was quick! Great!

  60. emus

    nicfab: Btw best regards from Munich, on my way to Bologna which is my first station of my Italy trip 🤩

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  63. nicfab

    > nicfab: Btw best regards from Munich, on my way to Bologna which is my first station of my Italy trip 🤩 Wow! Enjoy your trip! Unfortunately, I am far from Bologna; otherwise, we would have met in person. Enjoy Italy and Italian food. All the best!

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  65. nicfab

    > nicfab: That was quick! Great! You are welcome

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  76. emus

    Many thanks, one day I make it to S.M.!

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  115. singpolyma

    > Is.it possible to send a mail directly out of mailman instead of the commteam protonmail? I think you "just" need to set your From header to the list email (or some other relevant @xmpp email).

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  117. singpolyma

    You definitely don't want the from to be a protonmail or whatever outside address, that basically won't work.

  118. pep.

    SPF and DKIM won't be happy though?

  119. emus

    Bu what I do is sending to newsletter@xmpp.org that will send the email

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  121. singpolyma

    pep.: They won't be unless you write @xmpp in your from, since the email will come to everyone from the @xmpp server

  122. singpolyma

    But if you do write @xmpp then the server will match and dkim should also sign it so all good

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  124. singpolyma

    Of course need to test to be sure because I'm not familiar with the @xmpp server setup, but that's what a normal server would do

  125. singpolyma

    emus: yes, you can send to newsletter@xmpp.org and then in the from header also write newsletter@xmpp.org

  126. singpolyma

    Or commteam@xmpp.org or some other relevant alias

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  128. emus

    I again dont get it. Anyway I am a bit unsatisfied with this in general. We rely lots of work on mail basis. So lets have a good mail setup. But as I remember the server is outdated and we dont have the man-power for it... (no offence) I think thats a severe issue in the organisation

  129. singpolyma

    emus: I'm not sure what you don't get about my explanation, I will try again. With email anyone can write anything in the space for "from" so whoever sends the email just needs to make sure that whatever they write there for an email address ends in "@xmpp.org"

  130. emus

    Well, no, we dont have that. We were told that the xsfcommteam mail is being whitelisted to be the only one sending to newsletter@ maillist but that does not work

  131. emus


  132. emus

    but thanks

  133. singpolyma

    Sure, whatever email you send from needs to be whitelisted for sure. I don't think the list auto-whitelists it's own address. But added a new address to be allowed to send is easy for the admin to do from the web panel

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  135. emus

    so they also need to whitelist the maillist mail? 😃

  136. singpolyma

    If that's what you want to send from, yes

  137. emus

    🤔 when I am back we might should have a call and look at it together if you woupd be up for this

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  140. singpolyma

    emus: sure

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  142. emus


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