XSF Communications Team - 2022-11-29

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  27. emus

    Almost end of month, please add your news to this years last release of the XMPP Newsletter. https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/milestone/3

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  30. emus

    And in one week we will have the XMPP End of the year talk 2022. Goffi will start with a first presentation, but we are happy to have one or two more (5-10 mins). Informal presentation is fine as well. Tue, 6th, 7pm CET

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  69. Ingolf

    Very nice! I would suggest the 'Literature Café 7': xmpp:test-ccc-1@conference.monocles.de?join Or where will it be? With 'Jitsi Meet', emus?

  70. emus

    Ingolf: We got an instance already

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  72. emus

    but thanks

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  74. Ingolf

    OK, good Will it be a Jitsi Meet room, or what do you mean by "instance", emus?

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  77. emus

    the one we use for Office hours. I think its BBB

  78. Ingolf

    Oh, no Jabber/XMPP for that? I think BBB (Big Blue Button) doesn't use XMPP. ;-)

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  80. Ingolf

    Jitsi Meet does it in the chat.

  81. Ingolf

    Jitsi Meet does it in the chat. And it also works in large groups if the server is right.

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  107. emus

    I had issues with jitsi on that scale, and no experience with the recording. So I will just stick to the existing setup. I think its fine.

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  114. Ingolf

    Of course If there are problems with Jitsi Meet, it is usually due to the Jitsi Meet server used. It's a great programme. Nothing is recorded or streamed, but this is also possible if desired.

  115. emus

    Yes, we can discuss the setup in the future, now I would prefer to stick to it

  116. Ingolf

    Very nice that you are doing this at all. I advertised it once in the 'Literatur Café 7'. ;-)

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  119. emus


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  181. Licaon_Kter

    https://opencollective.com/mellium/updates/mellium-to-receive-grant-for-end-to-end-encryption Yay

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