XSF Communications Team - 2023-01-23

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  118. MattJ

    https://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/XMPP%202023%20news%20round%20up%20-%20draft%202.pdf This is a draft of something I'm planning to print for the stand at FOSDEM.

  119. MattJ

    goffi, papatutuwawa, singpolyma: there are pieces about your projects, so if there's anything you'd like me to change/correct, let me know

  120. MattJ

    + jcbrand ^

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  122. goffi

    MattJ: neat, thanks for doing that. I'll change the official website from salut-a-toi.org to libervia.org before FOSDEM, thus it would be good to change the URL (there will be redirection though).

  123. jcbrand

    Hi MattJ, there's been an electron version of Converse since much longer, so it's not 100% accurate

  124. MattJ

    goffi, great, yes, that would be less confusing indeed :)

  125. MattJ

    jcbrand, how much do you care? (this is marketing material after all, rather than a technical spec)

  126. MattJ

    Unless you want to also promote the Electron version still

  127. jcbrand

    I think the people who created the electron version and maintain it might care

  128. MattJ


  129. MattJ

    I'll find another way of wording it then

  130. pep.

    The second page is supposed to be blank?

  131. jcbrand

    Not super important IMO, but you asked for feedback. I would probably just mention that it already has an electron version and now gets Tauri as well

  132. pep.

    (or is it my reader failing)

  133. MattJ

    pep., the second page isn't supposed to be there, sorry

  134. pep.


  135. MattJ

    But it is there, and blank

  136. jcbrand

    And leave the rest as is

  137. papatutuwawa

    MattJ: Thanks for including my client πŸ˜„οΈ The only thing I would correct is that my client is not called "MoxxyV2". It's just "Moxxy". I recently renamed the repositories because it seems to confuse people.

  138. jcbrand

    A lot of people don't know about the electron version either, so the title can stay the way it is IMO

  139. MattJ

    papatutuwawa, great, I'll fix that

  140. pep.

    hot take: justified take is ugly :x

  141. pep.

    Otherwise thanks for doing this :)

  142. MattJ

    Yeah, space is limited though

  143. MattJ

    I'm not set on it, but I have limited time

  144. pep.

    I guess we could reuse/update stuff like this also for JDLL, or other coming conferences

  145. pep.

    It's always good to have a base

  146. pep.

    justified text* ><

  147. papatutuwawa

    I also want to say thanks for taking the time to create this πŸ˜„οΈ

  148. MattJ

    Thanks :)

  149. MattJ

    My goals are to show people that XMPP is busy, and introduce them to a range of projects they may not know exist

  150. MattJ

    There are more I could have included, but time and space... maybe next year we can go bigger :)

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  152. MattJ

    Also if anyone wants anything printed (even/especially if you won't be at FOSDEM), I can get stuff printed if you send it to me in the next few days

  153. MattJ

    e.g. edhelas sent me some posters for Movim

  154. MattJ

    We have stands for A5 format. Last time they only contained Snikket flyers, but I'm hoping we can get a more diverse range of projects on display this year

  155. pep.

    And there's lots of people in K1, at least you'r not in that small corner of the building :P

  156. pep.

    People had to know there was something going on there

  157. MattJ

    We'll no longer be able to capture people as they try to obtain refreshments from the vending machines

  158. MattJ

    or find the elevator

  159. MattJ

    In case of doubt: I'm not saying the new position is worse

  160. MattJ

    I'll reserve judgement until we've tried it :)

  161. MattJ

    I agree the old place was definitely "hidden", and often blocked by people, though I think it had some advantages. But even just being in a new location is probably a good thing.

  162. MattJ

    I don't know if there will be space for the projector this year

  163. MattJ

    If we're where I think we are, IIRC the "wall" behind us is actually just glass

  164. jcbrand

    The old place wasn't great IMO

  165. jcbrand

    IMO foot traffic of people passing by is better than the odd refreshment seeker, and we had very little foot traffic (due to being tucked away around the corner)

  166. goffi

    I also think that the old location was not really good.

  167. goffi

    MattJ: will there a place where we can print something, like a schedule? As I don't make talk this year, I was wondering maybe we could schedule demos on the booth?

  168. MattJ

    Yeah, we could definitely do that!

  169. MattJ

    I was thinking of a sheet with a schedule of XMPP-related talks

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  171. MattJ

    We can include demos on that

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  173. goffi

    I'll see if I can print some flyer too, unfortunaly with the name change and all, I think that I can't reuse my current stock.

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  176. MattJ

    jcbrand, this revision better? https://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/XMPP%202023%20news%20round%20up%20-%20draft%203.pdf (also incorporated other feedback)

  177. jcbrand

    Great, thanks MattJ !

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  185. MattJ

    goffi, do you want to commit to demo times in advance?

  186. MattJ

    I currently have this:

  187. MattJ


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  189. goffi

    oh I was thinking about something handwritten on the spot, but that's nice of course. I need to check the talks that I want to see, but in any case I would rather do it on Saturday cause I'll have to leave to catch my transport on Sunday afternoon.

  190. MattJ

    I can (and was planning to) leave space to write stuff on when we're there, so it's fine

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  202. singpolyma

    MattJ: I agree with pep. that it would probably look better without the justified, especially on such small columns.

  203. MattJ


  204. singpolyma

    MattJ: looks great

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  206. MattJ

    For the schedule at the stand, this: https://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/screenshot-20230123-1674483006-15285.png

  207. MattJ

    I think I'll write a very quick blog post after lunch for xmpp.org with links to talks and resources, and put a QR in that space at the top right

  208. MattJ

    That will give people a path to find the talks easily if they are using a schedule app for the conference (which supports reminders, room finding, etc.)

  209. MattJ

    and the blog post will also serve as an announcement we'll be there

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  212. goffi

    MattJ: why did you add "/news" at the end of https://libervia.org ? just libervia.org is fine.

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  215. goffi

    otherwise it's great

  216. goffi

    random note: it's bit weird to see XSF on fosstodon and twitter, but not on… XMPP :-/.

  217. pep.

    Yeah I agree.. the XSF should really dogfood their own protocol :/

  218. MattJ

    goffi, because the article is about the ActivityPub gateway, which is not mentioned at all on https://salut-a-toi.org/ but is on https://salut-a-toi.org/news

  219. goffi

    oh OK I see. I should probably add ActivityPub somewhere in the frontpage, but I'll wait it to be stable first.

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  232. emus

    > MattJ: > 2023-01-23 01:00 (GMT+01:00) > My goals are to show people that XMPP is busy, and introduce them to a range of projects they may not know exist πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  235. pep.

    MattJ, is this going to be distributed btw? Or displayed here and there?

  236. MattJ

    I plan to give away copies of the newsletter

  237. emus

    > MattJ: > 2023-01-23 03:11 (GMT+01:00) > I think I'll write a very quick blog post after lunch for xmpp.org with links to talks and resources, and put a QR in that space at the top right please, but may I review?

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  240. emus

    pep., goffi: what exactly do you want to see?

  241. emus

    > MattJ: > 2023-01-23 04:21 (GMT+01:00) > I plan to give away copies of the newsletter mee too 😊

  242. pep.

    to see?

  243. emus

    or we make something out of the highlights collection

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  246. emus

    > pep.: > 2023-01-23 04:26 (GMT+01:00) > to see? you said something about twitter

  247. pep.

    We said something about the XSF not advertizing XMPP communication channels

  248. pep.

    Fwiw I'm not saying it had to be on this exact flyer, unless we're talking about MUC (which is also fine). I just think it'd be good to finally think about using pubsub/microblog

  249. emus

    > pep.: > 2023-01-23 04:27 (GMT+01:00) > We said something about the XSF not advertizing XMPP communication channels But atually I do

  250. pep.


  251. emus

    I posted for Gsoc and Summit via mail and chats

  252. pep.

    Ok, I guess we're talking about stuff like this flyer or newsletter content or..

  253. pep.

    -this flyer, newsletter content really, blog articles etc.?

  254. pep.

    goffi, ^

  255. goffi

    emus: I would like to see XSF publishing to XMPP microblog

  256. goffi

    which really should not be called microblog, so let's just say XEP-0277.

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  263. emus

    pep.: Yes, but I used to drop it in the official xsf mucs too. I wonder if I should spam other chats

  264. emus

    goffi: if you help me with this I would support it

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  267. goffi

    emus: most important is to have an account with decent pubsub service (any up-to-date XMPP server should do it), then you can either use Libervia or Movim to post on it. I can help you with Libervia sure. Will you be at summit/FOSDEM?

  268. emus

    goffi: yes!

  269. emus

    lets get that started

  270. goffi

    cool, let's find some time there then. I'll be in Brussels from 1 to 5.

  271. emus

    me too :-) soo much time. I will not really have big schedule, so I go with you. what about Thu, 1pm

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  274. goffi

    Thursday is in the middle of the summit isn't it? I guess we'll have either lunch, demo, or heater discussion on MUC vs MIX at this time.

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  279. wurstsalat

    MattJ: I could add a frontpage banner on xmpp.org, linking to your blog post (like we had for some sprints)

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  281. MattJ

    Ah, that would be great :)

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  295. MattJ

    PR submitted for the blog post: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1236

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  311. emus

    wurstsalat: when do we get matt's list nicely rendered? :-)

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  331. emus

    Neat, even the Khronos Group is following us now :)

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  333. emus

    and we have soon 2500 followers on Mastodon πŸ“ˆοΈ

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  341. wurstsalat

    emus: yes, I'll do that later this evening :)

  342. emus


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  358. wurstsalat

    Should be online soon :)

  359. wurstsalat

    > wurstsalat: when do we get matt's list nicely rendered? :-) emus: which list?

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  363. emus

    🫣 my bad

  364. emus

    MattJ: You rendered a pdf with complainace of clients some weeks ago?

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  389. wurstsalat


  390. wurstsalat

    emus: this one?

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  397. emus

    yup :-) we need our doap jedi

  398. emus

    btw beagle has a new logo right?

  399. emus

    no, siskin https://xmpp.org/software/clients/siskin-im/

  400. emus

    wonder if it makes sense to print all clients with logos and qr codes

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  402. wurstsalat

    Beagle IM has a new logo, too https://xmpp.org/software/clients/beagle-im/

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