XSF Communications Team - 2023-02-10

  1. wurstsalat

    should we mention this in the newsletter or even write a short blog post? https://mastodon.xyz/@jcbrand/109829423792184497 it's about Conversations being used by the german federal police. there is no mention of xmpp in the text though, just a screenshot hinting it's actually Conversations

  2. emus

    We had the topic once in the newsletter already

  3. wurstsalat

    indeed https://xmpp.org/2020/01/happy-new-xmpp-year-14-jan-2020/

  4. wurstsalat

    ok, looks like it's time for a follow-up then :)

  5. pep.

    There's a picture missing? "The Ecosystem is Moving" that's the @alt I see

  6. pep.

    Ah wait that's an article from 2020