XSF Communications Team - 2023-02-13

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  53. nicola

    Hi! Here is the Italian translation of the latest XMPP Newsletter: https://notes.nicfab.eu/it/posts/newsletter_xmpp/newsletter-xmpp-dic-2022-gen-2023/ Please note that from this number (the first of 2023), I decided to publish the Italian translation of the XMPP Newsletter on https://notes.nicfab.eu instead of https://www.nicfab.it. My decision also depends on the existence of the same blog in the Gemini space (gemini://notes.nicfab.eu), whose contents are aligned with the HTTPS one (I am still working on them). Thus, all the XMPP newsletter Italian translations will be published on https://notes.nicfab.eu. All the previous Italian translations of the XMPP newsletter until now published are available on www.nicfab.it anyway. For future issues, I will pay attention to the correct domain name of my blog before you publish it.

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  74. emus

    can you pr to the newsletter change?

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  78. nicola

    > can you pr to the newsletter change? Where?

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  80. emus

    on gitlab or make an issue about it?

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  84. nicola

    > on gitlab or make an issue about it? PR done right now

  85. emus


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  147. nicola

    FYI The Italian translation of the latest XMPP newsletter is also published on my Gemlog here gemini://notes.nicfab.eu/it/gemlogit/2023/2023-02-13-xmpp-newsletter-dic-gen.gmi

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  155. nicola

    FYI The Italian translation of the latest XMPP newsletter is also published on my Gemlog here gemini://notes.nicfab.eu/it/gemlogit/2023/2023-02-13-xmpp-newsletter-dic-gen_it.gmi

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  168. gooya

    I was thinking, wouldn't be a good idea to run a survey among the current xmpp users or interested users? We could use the data to see where xmpp fits in the IM industry and see what the characteristics of the average user is to _maybe_ tailor/keep in mind when making xmpp services, newsletters etc.

  169. gooya


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  173. emus

    gooya: its on my list for this year, yes

  174. gooya

    Oh great, let me know when you get started and if you need help with the questionnaire

  175. emus

    thank you gooya. If you want, you can collect your thoughts in an issue already

  176. emus

    Btw, within one week, we made another 100 new fosstodon followers, took us week not even months earlier times ^^

  177. gooya

    For sure, will get back to this soon.

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