XSF Communications Team - 2023-02-27

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  54. emus

    ahh french folks - spaces 🙈🙈🙈 `[text] (link)` that does not work

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  65. neox

    emus: sorry, didn't check...

  66. emus

    is fine, just for the next time

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  77. neox

    emus: this problem does not exist for newsletters since I have a script for that. Next time I translate something like gsoc page, I'll be careful 👀

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  80. emus


  81. wurstsalat

    neox: I found those broken links in the newsletter translation ;)

  82. neox

    wurstsalat: noooooooo 😭

  83. emus


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  166. emus

    nicola: you posted a link recently?

  167. emus

    nicola: havent received anything

  168. emus

    ok link i found. do you post about the DMA too?

  169. nicola

    > nicola: you posted a link recently? Yes, here is the Italian translation: https://upload.adminforge.de/r/NVc5_1LnFH#44caXrsOniihmhaggVoseRJ7rWQz/JYei3Q/MPcJiQw=

  170. nicola

    > ok link i found. do you post about the DMA too? I hope. I’ll see tomorrow if I will be able to write something

  171. emus

    nicola: cool

  172. nicola

    > nicola: cool 😉

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  178. emus

    Sorry for blaming the French folks here, today - it was me messing up in the begining I believe:

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  180. emus


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  182. emus

    Ahh, it was in the newsletter I remember, too

  183. emus

    anyway, we all messed up - great! 🙂

  184. wurstsalat

    Hi folks! In order to present xmpp.org's blog posts in new languages, we need a little scaffolding. For newly added translations to Italian, I would need this file translated https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/themes/xmpp.org/i18n/en.yaml It contains localized strings used for blog navigation, display of time, etc. Your help would be much appreciated! Maybe you could have a look, nicfab ? :)

  185. emus

    nicola **

  186. pep.

    wurstsalat, have you seen https://joinjabber.org/blog/translations-made-easy/ btw? I don't know if that's of interest here

  187. emus

    I assume, but we are not yet there

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  189. pep.

    And https://codeberg.org/joinjabber/website-hugo/src/branch/main/generate-translations.sh really

  190. pep.

    You'd still need the stuff you just linked to be translated in these files though, that's separate

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  192. wurstsalat

    pep., thanks, nice to see another markdown <> po converter with weblate and hugo integration :) I touched this topic various times while integrating weblate support for gajim.org and saw many different implementations, the biggest being https://invent.kde.org/websites/hugo-i18n

  193. pep.

    I've tried this one and it's really messy

  194. nicola

    > Hi folks! In order to present xmpp.org's blog posts in new languages, we need a little scaffolding. For newly added translations to Italian, I would need this file translated https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/themes/xmpp.org/i18n/en.yaml > It contains localized strings used for blog navigation, display of time, etc. > Your help would be much appreciated! Maybe you could have a look, nicfab ? :) I’ll see it tomorrow

  195. wurstsalat

    I guess it works for their use case, and yours works for your use case :)

  196. pep.

    po4a makes it look like a walk in the park, especially when it's not you doing the work, because the documentation is a mess. And for hugoi18n it's non-existant

  197. pep.

    wurstsalat, actually I got that script from the darktable project

  198. pep.

    I almost just dropped it in our folder

  199. wurstsalat

    I'm looking at it now

  200. pep.

    Plus I'm not really fluent with gettext (no pun intended)

  201. pep.

    The thing is that this will split your pages into chunks. I mean that's the whole point. But then translators need to refer themselves to the original page for context

  202. wurstsalat

    does it cover shortcodes?

  203. pep.

    It "doesn't need to". Translators can add them back in the translation

  204. pep.

    hugoi18n did yeah, which was "nice"

  205. pep.

    I mean it did have some kind of support

  206. pep.

    I spent a full week trying to get hugoi18n to work and I gave up when I discovered the darktable script

  207. pep.

    Which made me solve the problem in a few hours

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  209. pep.

    One thing that is annoying for translations this way, I guess it's already the case but it feels a bit more obvious here, is when using ref/relref for pages that don't exist yet. hugo will error out (generating the website still)

  210. wurstsalat

    "doesn't need to" is meh, since translators happily translate your shortcode tags and poof :D

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  212. pep.

    You can tell tools like weblate it's markdown. I mean po4a does it for you

  213. pep.

    Maybe someday I'll get to fix hugoi18n, but that's pretty far on my list

  214. pep.

    I would have had to patch it already because they require you to use a package name among kde project names

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  216. pep.

    But yeah I was pretty sad that this issue just got ignored by the hugo maintainers

  217. pep.

    transifex has direct markdown support, but that's not gettext, and that's not a free software tool anyway

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  221. wurstsalat

    yep, it's a pretty long-standing issue of Hugo's i18n thanks for your hints :)

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  227. emus

    Hey folks, I will announce soon via Fosstodon and Twitter. https://xmpp.org/community/gsoc-2023/ But please start over with advertising yourself and consider to place flyers in you unis or hacker spaces or what ever applies: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/gsoc23-promo-EN-DE/static/images/promo/Flyer_XMPP_GSoC2023_EN.pdf https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/gsoc23-promo-EN-DE/static/images/promo/Flyer_XMPP_GSoC2023_DE.pdf If you want to add more localizations (FR, ES, IT...) then use this file

  228. emus


  229. emus

    Nice https://fosstodon.org/@Monal/109938271833010729

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  233. emus

    promo works now nicely in fullscreen via the website: https://xmpp.org/images/promo/Flyer_XMPP_GSoC2023_DE.pdf https://xmpp.org/images/promo/Flyer_XMPP_GSoC2023_EN.pdf

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