XSF Communications Team - 2023-04-12

  1. nicola

    Hi! I am organizing a monthly web meeting in Italian in which we will talk solely about XMPP. During the appointments, I would be pleased to have interventions from the board, the council, the team, and XMPP members. For the web meeting, I will likely use the XMPP channel on my Peertube instance (https://tube.nicfab.eu). I will let you know shortly what the arrangements will be so that this meeting will also be reported in the monthly newsletter if you agree.

  2. emus

    nicola: Hi Nicola, we can put this under events in the newsletter and maybe one additinal announcement under articles i am happy to communicate via tweets & toots as well, but it needs to be prepared in advance + please remind me

  3. nicola

    @emus, of course! I am in the phase of the organizing stage. As soon as everything is finalized, I will post it here.

  4. emus


  5. SouL

    Hi guys, I'm checking in to let you know I'll be taking more care of the LinkedIn page ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/xmpp-standards-foundation/ ) For now I just re-published the post from mastodon march's newsletter but the intention is to post most (if not all) communications we are already publishing on other platforms. I got laid off from my last company (in which certainly could not have much time for anything else but my job) and where I am now things are a bit different and think I will be able to do it. I'll try to pay attention to this room but if I could get a ping now and then it would be great as I might miss some of the toots :)

  6. Licaon_Kter


  7. emus

    SouL: really great to hear

  8. emus

    I think its fine to mimic the tweeta and toots maybe you can elaborate what information you plan to put on our profile.and we can polish together

  9. emus

    I think its fine to mimic the tweets and toots maybe you can elaborate what information you plan to put on our profile and we can polish together

  10. emus

    SouL: Maybe also talk to guus who is maintaining a bit on xmpp.work

  11. Seve

    hehe yes that's something I want to look into. Right now I'll be re-posting what whe publish on other platforms but I want to think about whether if it is OK to publish stuff from xmpp.work. I'm on board with any efforts that can help XMPP in the "commercial" side of things (having an economy around it) so from that point of view I'm 100% happy to post jobs, specially on LinkedIn (no need to debate if we like the platform or not 😂️). But I also do not want to post stuff we do not want to "endorse officially".

  12. Seve

    That being said, I would probably vote for a "yes" on posting jobs on LinkedIn but not on other platforms

  13. emus

    Seve: Maybe we should just start to advertise the website again and have it as we do on fosstodon in the prifile description

  14. emus

    Seve: Was just a thought. lets mimic tweets and polish the profil first

  15. emus

    cc wurstsalat

  16. Seve

    Oh right, we do actually have > Finding XMPP-related jobs or finding developers, administrators and integrators: https://xmpp.work/ On the profile

  17. emus


  18. emus

    but I dont post jobs, so maybe you are right

  19. Seve

    I could be convinced though, I haven't really thought about it :)

  20. emus

    Seve: Maybe have a chat with guus first

  21. Seve

    It's on my todo 👍️