XSF Communications Team - 2023-05-05

  1. nicola

    Hi! I see that only the French translation appears on the top of the newsletter, as in the attached image. Is it possible to also add the other languages?

  2. nicola


  3. emus

    nicola: it is, but people would need to translate

  4. emus

    this only links to hosted translations

  5. nicola

    No problem. From my perspective, it is interesting for people and mainly for XMPP to show on the top other languages, and the word - for example, Italian - could link to the Italian translation

  6. emus

    I dont know if thats supportet

  7. emus

    \me on his highway to release

  8. emus on his highway to release

  9. emus

    Btw I love you user onboarding here: https://blog.jmp.chat/b/april-newsletter-2023

  10. singpolyma

    emus: you mean specifically the new "intro to what is jabber" screens?

  11. emus


  12. emus

    but all of it actually

  13. emus

    Does anyone has any concerns?

  14. Licaon_Kter

    emus: concerns?

  15. emus

    on the release

  16. Licaon_Kter

    When did items started to have `- ` in front?

  17. emus

    I believe a while ago. but it supports reading right?

  18. emus

    But I havent actively recognized

  19. Licaon_Kter

    > I believe a while ago. Since Feb 2023 right, they become bullet points when redered, it's ok

  20. emus


  21. emus

    **Editorial closing of the XMPP Newsletter April '23 release** Many many thanks to everyone for their help in creation, review and translation!!! Next release will be next year on 5th of June 2023! Have a good time until then and see you soon!

  22. neox

    Great ! French translation is on its way

  23. Licaon_Kter

    > Does anyone has any concerns? Took a look, seems fine Thanks for the contributors 👍 (So many german articles, wow)

  24. emus


  25. emus


  26. emus

    uhm, maybe we need to rezize one miage

  27. singpolyma

    Ooh, first newsletter with a xep change I made! I feel like a real xmpp person now

  28. singpolyma

    In the fallback xep section need to < on the subject/body tags I think since they're currently invisible in web

  29. emus

    *The XMPP Newsletter April 2023* https://xmpp.org/2023/05/the-xmpp-newsletter-april-2023/

  30. emus

    You are!

  31. Martin

    emus: first bullet point in articles: something is wrong with the netzpolitik link

  32. Martin

    There is a jabberfr.org url in the link text.

  33. emus


  34. emus

    May anyone push a fix?

  35. emus

    Should be fixed

  36. emus

    sorry pushed to master

  37. emus

    Email cannot be sent due to server issues

  38. emus

    Enjoy the weekend!

  39. singpolyma

    I thought email was fixed?

  40. emus

    not 100% see board mintues soon

  41. MattJ

    emus, what's the server issue that affects the newsletter?

  42. emus

    I dont know. I got some weird messages recently. therefore i was asking if sending actually works

  43. MattJ

    What kind of weird messages?

  44. emus

    MattJ: some bouncers. I need to check again to tell details