XSF Communications Team - 2023-06-05

  1. nicola

    > Hi everyone, > ready for review: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1273 > Btw many thanks for all the nice prewriting in the pad. It works really well I think Hi! I submitted a review on Github

  2. emus


  3. emus

    nicola, did you commented anything?

  4. emus

    Any last comments on the newsletter release?

  5. nicola

    > nicola, did you commented anything? Yes, I changed the URL of the our Happy hou meeting

  6. nicola

    I commented again now

  7. nicola

    However, the correct URL is: **https://tube.nicfab.eu/w/85RxLsnNTc9FcdFzFgkdsP** and not https://tube.nicfab.eu/w/3KJMxZPYxRXQDAhXySZgLf

  8. emus

    nicola: did you press something like "submit review" in the end? :-)

  9. nicola


  10. emus

    Nicola, can you sent a direct link as none of your comments appears online

  11. emus

    Anyway I fixed this: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1273/commits/e5b96ff618870be1e5d22ebf2997f40c3dd14cad

  12. emus

    singpolyma: any tweets?

  13. singpolyma

    emus: oh, right I forgot. "XMPP booth at FOSSY.us this summer in Portland, OR! Come see what the community is up to! Would also love volunteers to help with the booth"

  14. nicola

    > Nicola, can you sent a direct link as none of your comments appears online Ok, thank you and sorry for my wrong intervention

  15. emus

    There is no wrong intervention 🙂 However, I need to see you comments appear online

  16. emus

    singpolyma OR is Oregon?

  17. singpolyma


  18. emus

    We had people being capable to do XMPP designs as svg here?

  19. emus

    *The XMPP Newsletter May 2023* https://xmpp.org/2023/06/the-xmpp-newsletter-may-2023/ ☕️

  20. emus

    singpolyma there is no xmpp track anymore at fossy?

  21. singpolyma

    emus: yes, there is

  22. singpolyma

    first day all day looks likely

  23. emus

    What about

  24. emus

    #XMPP Community #XMPP booth in #Portland (#Oregon) at FOSSY.us where there will be a conference track dedicated to XMPP. Volunteers are welcome to help with the booth. #jabber #interoperability #standards #federation #chat

  25. emus

    is that okay singpolyma

  26. singpolyma


  27. emus