XSF Communications Team - 2023-07-05

  1. emus

    Dear people, I see it correct that there are no client and server updates in June?

  2. singpolyma

    There was a Cheogram Android release in June https://git.singpolyma.net/cheogram-android/refs/2.12.1-6 (and a minor bugfix -7 as well)

  3. emus

    Can you write me a short one or two-liner?

  4. singpolyma

    > Cheogram Android version 2.12.1-6 adds per account colours, per account quiet hours, thumbhash previews of un-downloaded files, and more.

  5. emus

    Is this the same as: https://blog.jmp.chat/b/launch-2023

  6. singpolyma

    I think the app release may be mentioned in that post. So maybe it's redundant info

  7. emus

    But I can link to it from what you wrote?

  8. emus

    Btw @all - this months newsletter has few input: Should we join this with an August Newsletter and have a little summer break?

  9. emus

    please give me your +1 or -1

  10. singpolyma

    Actually it looks like that post didn't mention the release at all, so better to use the link I put here direct to the release page

  11. emus

    but is the other from June?

  12. emus

    cal0pteryx, Licaon_Kter, singpolyma, TheCoffeMaker, neox: Summerbreak?

  13. Licaon_Kter

    +1 to join imho

  14. cal0pteryx

    Yep, I agree

  15. emus

    kk, then lets postpone

  16. emus

    I even don't know if I can publish on the 5th, will be on vacation till 3rd Aug

  17. emus

    FYI https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1288

  18. TheCoffeMaker

    emus, +1 (if it counts)

  19. emus


  20. emus

    as there is no one complaining this should be fine

  21. neox

    emus, +1 (yeah late, sorry)