XSF Communications Team - 2023-08-14

  1. jstein

    Hi, the TroLUG organizes the second workshop on XMPP in German language on 2023-09-07. It is online as audio conference via BBB all nice people are invited to join the workshop.

  2. jstein


  3. Martin

    jstein: Maybe PR it to the newsletter (see subject). :)

  4. jstein

    OK, added to the pad

  5. jstein

    to much to read to understand your github workflow (or I am too tired ;-)

  6. jstein

    But the pad is great

  7. jstein

    The TroLUG is on XMPP too of course: xmpp:trolug@conference.jabb3r.org?join

  8. Martin

    jstein: Thanks. :)