XSF Communications Team - 2023-10-02

  1. singpolyma

    > This means that Whatsapp and Google Talk were based on XMPP and thus they could interoperate whatsapp is still "based on" XMPP but AFAIK it never federated

  2. Kris

    yeah, that seems inaccurate.

  3. *IM*

    German information (still needs to be translated): https://www.freie-messenger.de/en/warumnicht/whatsapp/#spezialwissen

  4. *IM*

    WhatsApp = FunXMPP (offizielle Bezeichnung: chatd)

  5. Kris

    there was actually a recent interview with Zuck where he talked about ongoing integration works of Threads (with ActivityPub) and WhatsApp (sadly unspecified)

  6. Kris

    but I guess with the 6 months deadline by the EU we will see soon how WhatsApp will interoperate

  7. Kris

    easiest would be XMPP for sure, given their protocol similarities

  8. Licaon_Kter

    Because GDPR is implemented since 2018 and EU users data is not hosted in US, yeah... i won't hold my breath. Also.... Matrix spends a lot of money to bring their RESTJSONWEB$it in front of everyone while XMPP is resting on the laurels of _"since 1999"_