XSF Communications Team - 2023-10-03

  1. emus

    Schimon_: Ok cool. Id love to see a read-only chat for the XMPP Newsletter posts. and of course here.

  2. emus

    The next release PR is open and I invite to review. we still need some images

  3. emus

    Schimon_: can you make an PR for your tool to the.newsletter draft?

  4. Schimon

    emus, apparently not yet. I'm still testing the bot and I've found a few issues. Basically, the bot *does* work properly with a single contact. I need to make a few adjustments: 1) Better handling with several contacts. 2) Implement settings per contact. 3) Support groupchat. Once I get these two settled, then it would be ready for a formal statement.

  5. emus

    Okay that subscription is also fine of course

  6. Schimon

    TheCoffeMaker also pointed out of a failure, and he appears to be correct.

  7. Schimon

    What do you mean by subscription?

  8. Schimon

    emus, I need testers and preferably a small python server from which I can restart the bot.

  9. Schimon

    So, on the other hand, it might be a good idea to publish the bot (Alpha stage) in the newletter and calling for testers and some help.

  10. emus

    Schimon: Okay I think there will be a number of volunteers, but can you move development discussion to another chat?

  11. Schimon

    Yes. Which groupchat do you want to conduct these discussions at?

  12. Schimon

    Yes. Which groupchat do you want to conduct this discussion at?

  13. emus

    Phew, maybe create its own and post it here?