XSF Communications Team - 2023-10-10

  1. neox

    Hi there, here is the french final translation for september issue (finally !)

  2. neox


  3. neox

    French translation for october issue is wip

  4. neox

    emus, cal0pteryx, or someone who wants to create the PR for it ^

  5. emus

    if someone could PR that would be great

  6. Seve

    > ==== XMPP Newsletter September 2023 ==== Posted on LinkedIn (following the same message as mastodon's) Thank you everyone, looks fantastic

  7. emus


  8. emus

    Seve: how many are following?

  9. Seve

    emus: 645 followers Will check engagement later on to see how many impressions the last post gets. I usually reshare it with my account so it gets to my network and sometimes we get some followers and impressions from that, but not that much haha Usually people following the XSF in LinkedIn is people that has some familiarity with XMPP rather than new people to the topic

  10. emus

    Seve: let me know if more posting changes this