XSF Communications Team - 2023-10-24

  1. emus

    Seve, reminder to mimic our recent fosston posts

  2. emus

    Seve, kind reminder to mimic our recent fosston posts

  3. emus

    Maybe you can expand the About section with links to Mastodon and Twitter for example. Maybe also to our extensions

  4. singpolyma


  5. Kris

    the "CertWatch" link at the bottom has a strange color

  6. Kris

    I didn't even realize it is a link

  7. Kris


  8. Kris

    I guess it is the color for already visited links?

  9. Kris

    still confusing

  10. singpolyma

    yes, that's the visited colour. it's maybe a bit too dark

  11. emus

    singpolyma: Many thanks! I will propose a tweet