XSF Communications Team - 2023-11-28

  1. Schimon

    Where should technical questions about XMPP be asked at?

  2. Martin

    Maybe Jeeves.

  3. Martin

    Maybe jdev.

  4. Martin


  5. Schimon

    Thank you, Martin

  6. emus

    ## Last XMPP Newsletter 2023 📬📧 ## Dear all, cal0pteryx was so nice to open the PR for the last Newsletter release this year! So if you have news please add them to the PR or the pad. We are happy for everyone to support again and help to prepare and review. Newsletter draft on Github: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/milestone/3 (Navigate to the latest issue, then to 'Files changes', then 'Edit File') Online pad: https://pad.nixnet.services/oHnY_ZvLT8SoFyCqIC2ung Please remind that it requires also your activity to reach out and add news. Looking forward 👋

  7. mario

    emus, just added into the pad a short presentation of XMPP-IT the Italian XMPP Community

  8. emus

    mario: great! thanks

  9. mario

    my pleasure :-)

  10. mario

    don't know if I put it in the correct place but change as you like

  11. emus

    Will review anyway :-)