XSF Communications Team - 2023-12-04

  1. emus

    hey neox, would you like to help again with the pad?

  2. neox

    Hey emus, yes !

  3. neox

    emus, I just finished to update articles/events and updates for software

  4. neox

    I'm checking standards update

  5. neox

    emus, I don't see updates apart from the last call on XEP-0458 but it ended Nov, 30th

  6. neox

    Should I make it appear ?

  7. neox

    Oh I saw other updates (missed a council email while reviewing)

  8. neox

    (Ok I'm mistaken, it was listed last month). So I guess, no news on standards

  9. neox lets the last call section intact

  10. cal0pteryx

    neox: that's good, I also think the last call should stay in for this month

  11. neox

    cal0pteryx, great !

  12. pep.

    Ah fail, have we included anything regarding the event in Toulouse ? :x

  13. pep.

    I guess that's too late?

  14. pep.

    Also I did miss to mention releases in xmpp-rs.

  15. cal0pteryx

    pep.: not too late to add it now :)

  16. pep.

    To the pad still?

  17. cal0pteryx

    If the github PR does not include the pad's content yet, yes.

  18. pep.

    Actually I realize now I never made these xmpp-rs releases. :x

  19. pep.

    And there's already something about Toulouse

  20. emus

    pep. please remind for toots next time

  21. emus

    https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1328 ready for review

  22. emus

    many thanks neox

  23. emus

    Happy for image suggestions or PR right away

  24. neox

    > Ah fail, have we included anything regarding the event in Toulouse ? :x Yes

  25. neox

    pep., ^

  26. neox

    (ok you saw, great)