XSF Communications Team - 2024-01-04

  1. emus

    Hey Seve, a kind ping for linkedIn https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/111699229188608479

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  4. emus

    I think this is a new record on Mastodon. And its just within a few hours:

  5. emus


  6. roughnecks


  7. debacle


  8. MattJ

    Yeah, happy it didn't become a negative thread (you never know with these things)

  9. emus

    Yup, even Matrix said congratulations

  10. emus

    MattJ, so you see the infrastructure sitation from 2023 as solved?

  11. MattJ

    More or less. We still need to import the old archives to the new setup, but it's hardly urgent

  12. emus

    Okay, but let's not forget about it and then miss it

  13. emus


  14. emus

    Wow, its growing and growing

  15. emus

    I wonder what this made sharing so much more worth than other posts with more potential "impact" like an XMPP event

  16. cal0pteryx

    Birthday posts are popular