XSF Communications Team - 2024-01-05

  1. debacle

    cal0pteryx Exactly. And 25 years is a long time for IM: https://mov.im/blog/debacle%40movim.eu/76bf90a4-5f59-4962-92db-6cd859f42ec9

  2. emus

    Wow, pure record post we got there

  3. Licaon_Kter


  4. Licaon_Kter

    Let's see what 50 years of XMPP brings in terms of Fedi engagement Oh wa- will there be a Fedi then? :))

  5. dora71

    Good morning everybody and a happy new year 2024.

  6. dora71

    I have 2 questions: First, are there any activities planned regarding XMPP/XSF at FrOSCon meeting which takes place August 17th - August 18th 2024?

  7. dora71

    Second, as far as I read the next XMPP Newsletter will be published at the beginning of February. Where is the best place to announce a virtual discussion around XMPP on February, 1st?

  8. dora71

    Thanks for your answers in advance.

  9. Licaon_Kter

    Think you've missed the Newsletter opportunity, but I guess it can be tooted You have a link with a post about it?

  10. dora71

    Not yet, as it was just set up yesterday night.

  11. jstein

    Hi Licaon_Kter we have now a link for the meeting dora71 talked about http://trolug.de/termine.html

  12. jstein

    Anyone here who plans to join the FrOSCon Conference in Germany this year? https://froscon.org/ Last year there was a Open source mobile phone workshop with lightning talks. I took the chance to put a spotlight on XMPP and Conversations there.