XSF Communications Team - 2024-01-06

  1. emus

    ### XMPP SUMMIT 26 **Important reminder** Dear all, one month to go until our annual summit takes place ✨ We are all looking very excited forward to this! We just published a blogpost with some details: https://xmpp.org/2024/01/xmpp-summit-26/ Please help to spread the word. Thanks for all who have signed up already. We are almost 30 people, this is really great 🤯. By latest *Monday, 15th January* we kindly ask you revisit the following points: - Sign-up if you haven't yet - Please update your entries in the list (incl. removal if you do not participate) - Also announce you membership and dinner participation (new columns) - Join the Summit chat room or summit maillist (see blogpost) - Sign-up if you want to give a talk / presentation up to 30 minutes. - We are also happy to see listing if you are remote participating In that regard refer to the wikipage: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Conferences/Summit_26 If there is more interest for individual sponsoring of the event or dinner that is of course also appreciated. Looking forward to see you in Brussel 🇧🇪

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  3. singpolyma

    > We have released a new blogpost on the organisation: why does this say "on the organization" ?

  4. emus

    Sorry, my bad english. I meant on the organisaton of the summit

  5. emus

    how to state better/

  6. emus


  7. singpolyma

    I would probably have just said "a new blogpost about the summit" or something

  8. singpolyma

    I would probably have said "a new blogpost about the summit" or something

  9. emus

    Is it hard confusing so I should correct

  10. singpolyma

    no, it's not a problem, just seemed a bit odd wording

  11. emus

    Yeah, thats my bad

  12. emus

    did shoot it out without review

  13. emus

    happy if there are more natives to support