XSF Communications Team - 2024-02-03

  1. neox

    great !

  2. lbocquet

    Thanks emus for the first newsletter of the year!

  3. emus


  4. nicola

    Yesterday, the two days of XMPP Summit 26 of 2024, held in Bruxelles, where I participated for the first time as an XSF Board member, ended. It has been a pleasure to participate, discuss, and share technical and legal opinions. We should be aware and raise awareness among people, especially those who are still confused and undecided of how technologies are changing the world and how it is crucial to choose and adopt communication systems that should be secure and privacy-respecting. It also was a tremendous delight to participate in the Summit dinner, although it was an adventure to reach the restaurant due to the protests of tractors people. The Summit confirmed that it is an excellent opportunity to discuss XMPP, meet people, and discover their faces beyond an avatar. Welcome to technologies, but meeting people in person is different. I cannot mention everyone, but I want to thank them and even those who participated remotely.

  5. Licaon_Kter

    Avatars work? :))