XSF Communications Team - 2024-02-04

  1. Absolute

    Good afternoon! After the 2024 Fosdem is finished, I was wondering whether there is a chance of having some XMPP stickers at any price. Is that possible?

  2. emus

    Absolute: Hey, I can sent some to you, but I frist will need print new sets.

  3. Absolute

    emus: Thank you! I'll be patient in that case. 😊

  4. emus

    Absolute: you got my DM?

  5. Absolute

    emus: Nope.

  6. emus


  7. gnemmi

    Hey! Hello everyone!

  8. gnemmi

    Hope you are still having a great time at Fosdem! 😃️

  9. emus

    Coming to an end but yes :-)

  10. gnemmi

    So good to hear that !!

  11. gnemmi

    picture is set .. ?

  12. gnemmi


  13. singpolyma

    Absolute: you can always get stickers printed too, if you're paying for them anyway 😉

  14. emus

    gnemmi: what client do you use?

  15. gnemmi

    righ now, I'm trying to configure Dino on a Fedora install

  16. gnemmi

    Im using c0nnect on Android

  17. gnemmi

    and will have to check out what I can find for DragonFlyBSD

  18. gnemmi

    hopefully, Dino will compile and work on DragonFlyBSD just as well as it does in Fedora

  19. gnemmi

    emus, any recommendation?

  20. singpolyma


  21. gnemmi

    singpolyma, thank you! will need it =)

  22. emus

    gnemmi: You dont see my messages I wrote you?

  23. emus

    maybe check your server settings if you run yourself

  24. gnemmi

    hmmm nope ..

  25. gnemmi

    let me see .. =S

  26. emus

    gnemmi: can your write to me here? https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Edward_Maurer_Application_2022#Contact

  27. emus

    Absolute: can you also write ne

  28. Absolute

    Sorry. I didn't read the last messages...

  29. Absolute

    > Absolute: you can always get stickers printed too, if you're paying for them anyway 😉 Good idea! I liked the stickers I saw in Mastodon, so I thought of getting in touch with XMPP directly...

  30. Absolute

    Sorry, I didn't say hello. Hello everyone! ;)