XSF Communications Team - 2024-04-09

  1. nicola

    >> Hello everyone! >> The Italian translation of the latest newsletter is here: https://notes.nicfab.eu/it/posts/newsletter_xmpp/newsletter-xmpp-mar-2024/ > thank you verymuch. > do we have people that use github that could add it as italian translation? I think to do not have access to the XMPP GH repository

  2. cal0pteryx

    nicola: that's not necessary, since you can work in your own fork of the repository, and then do a pull request on the official repository. This is called fork and merge workflow

  3. cal0pteryx

    But you don't need to do that yourself if you don't want to. If you provide the translated markdown file, I can add it to xmpp.org

  4. nicola

    @cal0pteryx Thank you. My question is, “Is adding the Italian source file necessary?” That is no problem from my side, but I was wondering what the reason is.

  5. cal0pteryx

    Well, we need the source if we want to add it to xmpp.org, where it would be displayed as one version of the english post.

  6. nicola

    Ok. If everything was ok, I created a pull request. Please, let me know if I didn’t mistakes 😊

  7. Mari0


  8. gnemmi

    Would it be ok if I threw links and stuff that could be worth mentioning on the "next" Newsletter?

  9. gnemmi

    Like this

  10. gnemmi


  11. cal0pteryx

    gnemmi: ideally, you would add this to https://pad.nixnet.services/oHnY_ZvLT8SoFyCqIC2ung# And add a short summary there :)

  12. gnemmi

    cal0pteryx, done. Thank you!

  13. cal0pteryx

    gnemmi: thanks

  14. gnemmi


  15. lbocquet

    It will be in April 2024 Newsletter which will be released in May 2024. It is the logic selected by a major XSF members.

  16. gnemmi

    BTW, I also came across this interesting article on "XMPP server on OpenBSD". It seems to have been published on 2023-06-09. I did a quick check on every Newsletter from 2023-06 to date but I couldn't find a mention of it under "Articles". Should I add it to the pad?

  17. gnemmi