XSF Communications Team - 2024-04-23

  1. emus

    > Hi, https://froscon.org/ Call for paper started. We would like to organize a TroLUG, XMPP and Gentoo Project room. Anyone who wants to join/help? Please contact either me, or dora71 with another developer from the xmpp community we are in contact to have a shared developer room/exchange with matrix. I recommend wie align this a bit.

  2. emus

    jstein: i also recommend to join the summit & events rokm

  3. emus

    jstein: i also recommend to join the summit & events room

  4. Kris


  5. gnemmi

    Psi+ 1.5.1716 (2024-03-22) has been released – OMEMO E2EE (Latest Qt5 builds)

  6. gnemmi


  7. Kris

    that's somehow unofficial, no?

  8. gnemmi

    I don't have the slightest idea. I just found the retoot (by Goffi) on Mastodon right next to the Movim retoot ( by the Goffi too )

  9. gnemmi


  10. gnemmi

    They seem to be "personal releases of the development branch" though .. if that's what you mean by unofficial

  11. Kris

    tbh I stopped following the Psi+ mess, maybe it is legit, no idea?