XSF Communications Team - 2024-04-24

  1. goffi

    For the record I've just boosted content I saw in my own feed, as I'm usually doing for XMPP related software. I don't know if it's official or not (for Psi+, for Movim it's obviously official as it comes from edhelas).

  2. neox

    Hi there

  3. neox

    emus, cal0pteryx, I realized that I forgot to send here the french translation files here to be added to xmpp.org since july 2023 xD I will send that today but it'll flood this channel perhaps

  4. neox

    Tell me what is the best thing to do

  5. cal0pteryx

    neox: it would be nice if we could have links to markdown source files

  6. neox


  7. neox

    I actually have a repo so perhaps that would be easier

  8. neox

    Okay, let me check that each file is correct and I ping you here with the link of my repo

  9. neox

    cal0pteryx, here they are : https://forge.a-lec.org/neox/Lettre_d_information_XMPP/src/branch/main/xmpp.org

  10. Schimon

    Good evening to one and all!

  11. Schimon

    I want to write an article abour Atom Over XMPP with final recommendations about Libervia and Movim.

  12. Schimon

    I would be glad to have a partner to work with me on that article.

  13. Schimon

    Because this article will be linked from a realm not directly related to XMPP, I was thinking of the following structure for the article: * Atom and RSS; * Atom standard; * Issues with pulling data from HTTP; * PubSub and push notifications; * and then "Thankfully, Movim provides comprehensive support for syndication etc. etc."

  14. jstein

    are there any good debugging tools for xmpp? Like httpstat and the like for webervers?