XSF Communications Team - 2024-05-23

  1. Seve

    What's our view about xmpp.work from the XSF's perspective? I thought about linking to some jobs on LinkedIn as it is content quite specific for that network, but last time (some years back) this was brought up I think the decision was to be 'neutral' about it. Has something changed in that regard and would be ok to write now and then a post linking to a job posted on xmpp.work? Just in case I missed a converation about it. I'm not saying I want to promote jobs, xmpp.work or anything like that, I've been part of it and I'm ok staying `neutral` on that front, just want to see if things changed really.

  2. MattJ

    I think promoting it is fine

  3. MattJ

    Although it's not strictly an XSF thing I don't think we've ever had a policy of avoiding promoting it, it was (is?) linked from the homepage

  4. MattJ

    Still is - "Jobs" at the top

  5. Seve

    That's right! 🙂 Thanks MattJ

  6. emus

    Id love to see that in a better layout