XMPP Council - 2010-03-22

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  14. Kev Ahhar, that's two,t hen.
  15. Kev Ralph's sent apologies, so we're just waiting for Remko.
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  17. ralphm is not really here
  18. Kev Shame.
  19. Kev That would be quorum :)
  20. MattJ XEP-0136 is wacky
  21. Kev Yep.
  22. Kev And getting more so.
  23. MattJ Indeed
  24. Kev So, without Ralph or Remko, I guess we've not got quorum and we give up.
  25. Kev 7PM UTC+1 next week?
  26. MattJ slaps DST with a wet trout
  27. MattJ That'll be fine
  28. MattJ I'll send my 136 verdict to the list
  29. Kev Okely dokely.
  30. MattJ Oh, any response about new members?
  31. Kev Fritzy's standing.
  32. Kev I'll put the vote onto the agenda for next Monday.
  33. MattJ Ok
  34. Kev You know, I'm finally beginning to agree with everyone who says that rosters are screwey.
  35. MattJ What's wrong with them?
  36. Kev It's daft that I send you a presence stanza with a subscribe in it. You decline it. You're now in my roster.
  37. Kev (subscription none)
  38. MattJ Ah yes, that's annoying
  39. Kev And the client dance is really stupid when adding a new contact.
  40. MattJ matthew@silver:~/prosody-hg$ wc -l plugins/mod_{message,iq,presence}.lua 79 plugins/mod_message.lua 78 plugins/mod_iq.lua 388 plugins/mod_presence.lua 545 total
  41. Kev *nod*
  42. ralphm Indeed, would be nice if we could do away with the old way eventually
  43. Kev What's the 'old way' in question?
  44. Kev Or the new way, for that matter :)
  45. ralphm well, I assume the new way would involve a nice IQ based solution
  46. Kev Ah, right, a hypothetic new way :)
  47. ralphm juggling presence messages for this is indeed horrible
  48. ralphm I tried to implement a session manager recently. Ugh
  49. Kev Yes, I'm finally starting to agree with throwing away what we have and doing Roster2
  50. ralphm nod
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