XMPP Council - 2010-05-24

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  7. ralphm materializes out of thin air
  8. Fritzy poof
  9. Kev Shall we give the other guys 5 minutes?
  10. Fritzy _1
  11. Fritzy er, +1 even
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  13. MattJ Salut
  14. Fritzy Howdy
  15. Kev Remko didn't send apologies, but I know he was out earlier today, so possibly he forgot about Council and won't be here.
  16. Kev 1) Roll Call
  17. Kev F,K,M,RM here, RT not.
  18. Kev 2) Agenda bashing
  19. MattJ None
  20. Kev Excellent.
  21. Fritzy nodda
  22. Kev 3) Previous votes
  23. Kev So, we've got 136, 60, 163 not published yet.
  24. ralphm Yeah
  25. Kev 163 is waiting on 60, 60 is waiting on Peter to make the agreed changes, and 136 is waiting on some Council text.
  26. Kev Nothing to see, move along.
  27. ralphm For fritzy: basically stpeter and I decided to keep the bigger changes out of this revision
  28. Kev 4) File Transfer - Peter says the TechReview's done, so we need to read that.
  29. Fritzy ah, cool
  30. Kev 5) RFC references.
  31. ralphm (iq notifications, removal of batch operations, among them)
  32. Kev 201 (Thread best practices) and 220 (Dialback) would be good to move on for the sake of 3921bis and 3920bis.
  33. MattJ I think 220 is ok, I reviewed it a while ago - but there were some changes I haven't looked at
  34. MattJ I'll do that and post to the list if I find anything worth discussing
  35. ralphm I don't expect big changes here, so I think we should give both a last call for draft)
  36. Kev I forget the process for advancing 201 to Active.
  37. ralphm and do our own review along with that
  38. Kev 220 We last call for Draft.
  39. Kev Everyone ok with doing what we need to do to start the review of both?
  40. ralphm Kev: ah yes, of course 201 is informational
  41. MattJ Sure
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  43. Fritzy yup
  44. Kev Ralph / Fritzy Last Call (or similar) for both 220 and 201?
  45. Kev Fritzy: ta.
  46. Kev Ah, you already said
  47. ralphm :-)
  48. Kev 6) RFC 3920bis
  49. MattJ ...is on my todo as well
  50. Kev It'd be good for people to try and review this while it's in WG Last Call and comment over on the IETF list appropriately.
  51. Kev 7) Date of next meeting.
  52. Kev Next Monday, same time?
  53. ralphm last call is until 28
  54. Fritzy I'll look at it too.
  55. ralphm Kev: yeah
  56. MattJ ralphm, yes, I was surprised at how short the last call is
  57. Fritzy next Monday is a US holiday
  58. Fritzy but I'm game.
  59. MattJ Fritzy, tough :P
  60. ralphm Today is a .nl holiday
  61. MattJ I think it's a UK holiday too, FWIW
  62. Fritzy I'm easy
  63. Kev Next Monday's a UK holiday too, yeah.
  64. Kev We can plan for next Monday, and adjust if there's nothing to discuss.
  65. MattJ +1
  66. Kev 8) Any other business?
  67. Fritzy none here
  68. ralphm none from me
  69. Kev I think we're done, then.
  70. Kev Thanks all.
  71. Fritzy ciao
  72. Kev bangs the gavel.
  73. ralphm quick!
  74. ralphm thanks all
  75. ralphm actually I think today (2nd pentecost) is a holiday in .be as well
  76. Kev It is.
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