XMPP Council - 2010-06-14

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  10. Kev Evening.
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  12. Fritzy Thanks for the poke.
  13. ralphm hi
  14. Kev Matt's on his way, and Remko's online.
  15. Kev And now Remko's on his way.
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  18. MattJ Sorry, had my head down in a release :)
  19. Fritzy Congrats, Matt.
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  21. Kev Know what that feels like.
  22. Kev Well, betas anyway.
  23. Kev Full house!
  24. remko hi all!
  25. remko powerrr!
  26. MattJ :)
  27. Kev Shiny new JID, Matt?
  28. Fritzy so, when're we upgrading xmpp:xmpp.org?
  29. Kev 1) Roll call. All present.
  30. MattJ I've been using this for some time, it depends which Gajim decides to use to join the a new MUC :)
  31. Kev 2) Agenda bashing?
  32. MattJ None here
  33. Kev I've poked Peter in case he'd like to join.
  34. Fritzy nodda
  35. Kev He doesn't seem to be about on his public account though, so I imagine he's head-down with something, and his presence isn't mandatory :)
  36. Kev I confess I've not reviewed much for Council today, and'll be voting on list.
  37. Kev 3) XEP-0124: BOSH http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0124-1.10.html Diff: http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0124/diff/1.9/vs/1.10rc1
  38. Kev Accept new version?
  39. remko same here, i'll vote on list
  40. Fritzy I'll vote on list
  41. ralphm +1
  42. Fritzy looks like it's just jabber.org -> example.com
  43. ralphm and scram instead of DIGEST-MD5
  44. MattJ +1
  45. Kev I see other changes.
  46. Kev But they seem to be wordsmithing.
  47. Kev 4) XEP-0206: XMPP Over BOSH http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0206-1.3.html Diff: http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0206/diff/1.2/vs/1.3rc1 Accept new version?
  48. MattJ Hmm, there was meant to be a 'restartlogic' attribute somewhere, I don't see it
  49. ralphm yeah, the changelog only mentions restartlogic stuff
  50. MattJ Maybe next version :)
  51. ralphm see section 4
  52. MattJ The diff shows no changes in section 4
  53. ralphm in 206
  54. MattJ Whoops :P
  55. ralphm they are just released together
  56. ralphm +1 by the way
  57. Kev Matt, Remko, Fritzy?
  58. Fritzy list on this as well
  59. remko dito
  60. Fritzy I'll go through it today.
  61. MattJ I'd like to say I don't find 'restartlogic' an explanatory name, but +1
  62. Kev 5) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sxe.html Accept as Experimental?
  63. ralphm I have some notes on this
  64. Kev I need to read this again.
  65. Fritzy it's been awhile
  66. ralphm I wonder why it doesn't establish a more generic p2p stream, like the xep we have for that
  67. MattJ I need to read it again, but I looked at it not long ago
  68. remko i ned to read it too, but i don't -1 against making it experimental
  69. MattJ Has anyone mentioned Infinote: http://infinote.org/ ?
  70. Kev ralphm: Is that "I'm going to to -1 it and make comments" or "Ok, and I'll post comments", or "I'll postcoments and veto/notveto later"?
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  72. MattJ It seems like there's some duplication that may be going on here (perhaps that's not terrible)
  73. ralphm I meant XEP-0246
  74. ralphm no a strong +1
  75. MattJ Though Infinote is geared towards just text documents, where-as I understand SXE is aiming above that
  76. ralphm just wanted to get this out, before I forget
  77. MattJ They just seem related
  78. Fritzy right -- any XML based document.
  79. ralphm so it could be in the notes
  80. Kev I probably need to read up on operational transforms at some point.
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  82. stpeter sorry about that
  83. Kev Evening Peter.
  84. Kev Ok, so we'll wait for everyone's comments on list, apart from Ralph who's in favour.
  85. stpeter I was so focused that I missed your IM
  86. Fritzy I'll read up on infinote and vote on list.
  87. ralphm this space needs a solution, and making it a XEP enables people to go forward
  88. Fritzy SXE has been around for quite awhile.
  89. stpeter consults http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/council/100614/
  90. Kev I'm principally in favour, i jsut want to read it again.
  91. Fritzy and I get questions about this problem space a lot.
  92. Fritzy so you're definitely right, Ralph.
  93. Kev 6) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/moved.html Accept as Experimental.
  94. ralphm Fritzy: I know, I'm pretty sure I voted in favour before ;-)
  95. ralphm +1
  96. remko +1
  97. ralphm and wondering why it doesn't use the 'gone' xmpp stanza error
  98. Kev I remember reading this and having assorted comments. I'll write them up at some point.
  99. stpeter ralphm: yeah I mentioned that to the author but he didn't add it yet
  100. Kev +1 in the meantime.
  101. ralphm stpeter: cool
  102. MattJ Well if we're happy it's going to be changed, +1
  103. Fritzy +1 + comments on list.
  104. Kev 7) Date of next meeting.
  105. Kev Next Monday, 1600GMT as usual?
  106. ralphm +1
  107. MattJ +1
  108. ralphm ehm
  109. Kev 1800
  110. ralphm 1800UTC
  111. Kev ahem :)
  112. remko wfm
  113. Fritzy ok
  114. Kev 8) Any other business.
  115. stpeter (BTW there is an implementation of SXE for whiteboarding on the iPad, developed by the new co-author of the spec)
  116. Fritzy What are we going to work on at the OSCON Summit?
  117. Kev There are other items on Radar that I need to chat with Peter about and see where we are with Council actions.
  118. Kev Fritzy: 'we'? :)
  119. stpeter Fritzy: feel free to write the agenda
  120. ralphm stpeter: does that mean that changes are difficult?
  121. stpeter ralphm: no
  122. stpeter I met Tom at the Anaheim IETF and he was quite flexible about fixes to the spec
  123. ralphm nod
  124. stpeter Fritzy: personally, I'm not sure about the value of a Summit if all we do is have interesting discussions (as at the last one) but nothing tangible comes out of it
  125. stpeter so if we can have hackfests, interop, code sprints, or something other than bloviating I'd be all in favor :P
  126. stpeter (and I'm the bloviator-in-chief so it's mostly my fault)
  127. Fritzy The last one? Didn't you have some of that in Belgium?
  128. Kev stpeter: you're welcome to get everyone coding with Swiften :)
  129. stpeter Fritzy: I missed that first day
  130. Fritzy N900 day?
  131. ralphm I'm not sure I'm going to make it
  132. Kev The thing about the summits, I find, is that the value is mostly in all the out-of-band stuff.
  133. Fritzy I'll save a seat for you, Ralph.
  134. Kev That can only happen because there's a summit.
  135. ralphm but I sure would have enjoyed people staying around longer
  136. stpeter ralphm: do you know about the microblogging summit the day before?
  137. ralphm eh, no
  138. stpeter plus this Summit is happening right before I need to fly to Europe for IETF 78
  139. ralphm I'm a bit out of touch with stuff :-(
  140. Kev Anyway, I think we're treading out of 'Needs to be in Council' now.
  141. stpeter maybe we could have an informal get-together in Maastricht
  142. stpeter Kev: yepper
  143. Kev Anything else that needs doing before gavel-banging time?
  144. ralphm stpeter: very much so
  145. stpeter ralphm: I could request a room for an XMPP hackfest on Sunday before the IETF meeting really gets going
  146. ralphm cool
  147. Kev Right, sounds like we're done with Council.
  148. Fritzy Kev: I think so.
  149. Kev Thanks all - I'll send around minutes tomorrow.
  150. Kev bangs the gavel.
  151. ralphm Fritzy: seat from .nl?
  152. MattJ Thanks Kev
  153. stpeter is working through http://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/3920bis_wglc_feedback.html today
  154. ralphm wow
  155. MattJ has been working through http://blog.prosody.im/prosody-0-7-0-released/ and is now going to take the week off :)
  156. Kev A week off sounds lovely, and I only just had one :)
  157. stpeter heh
  158. ralphm Personal stuff and work has kept me from doing proper reviews :-(
  159. Kev Three betas in a fortnight has been hard work :)
  160. stpeter my vacation time is piling up, no time to take it
  161. ralphm I had to promise to take time off
  162. stpeter :)
  163. ralphm time to watch some soccer
  164. stpeter heh
  165. stpeter world cup time yet again
  166. ralphm indeed
  167. ralphm .nl vs .dk 2-0
  168. ralphm today
  169. stpeter yep
  170. stpeter het oranje!
  171. ralphm MattJ: hope the freebsd port gets an update soon
  172. MattJ I'm going to install FreeBSD myself if needs be
  173. MattJ It *shall* be fixed :)
  174. ralphm haha
  175. ralphm I've been thinking about sift a bit, for clients that don't support it directly, maybe having some kind of server setting for enabling it based on resource or some other means would be nice
  176. ralphm (like my N900, presence seems to hammer the battery quite a bit)
  177. Fritzy MattJ: You found the BOSH leak then?
  178. MattJ Fritzy, yep, that was quite amazing :)
  179. Fritzy ralphm: interesting.
  180. MattJ It was about 4 issues combined to cause the same symptoms
  181. Fritzy love those!
  182. Kev ralphm: tried compiling Swift for it yet? :)
  183. MattJ 1 only occured when the user used Firefox, one only occured when Apache was used to proxy
  184. ralphm Kev: I expected a package from you ;-)
  185. MattJ 1 was essentially random
  186. Kev I don't have a shiny n900 to test with :)
  187. Kev Those nasty Nokia people made me give it back.
  188. Fritzy MattJ: crazy... well, I'll run 0.7 through it's paces in production starting today.
  189. MattJ Good luck :)
  190. ralphm Kev: don't you need it for work?
  191. MattJ It's made a record for having 1 minor bug during a 2+ week RC
  192. Kev ralphm: heh, that might be a hard sell :)
  193. Fritzy Kev: is Swift getting SCRAM?
  194. Kev Fritzy: Getting?
  195. Fritzy ah, it has it? very nice.
  196. Kev November 21st, says git log
  197. Kev commit 2c8bfd7c49bd16bebbf0b89c01fce7817afab74f Author: Remko Tronçon <git@el-tramo.be> Date: Sat Nov 21 01:59:21 2009 +0100 Implemented SCRAM-SHA-1 for real now.
  198. MattJ Also of interest: http://www.nödåtgärd.se/non-scientific-jabber-client-test/
  199. Kev Yes.
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  202. stpeter heh, http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/council/100614/ doesn't think that URL is legit :)
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  204. MattJ :P
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