XMPP Council - 2010-09-20

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  8. stpeter hiya
  9. Kev Evening.
  10. stpeter how goes it?
  11. Kev 43minutes by my watch :)
  12. stpeter time check verified, sir!
  13. Kev I've actually read the protoXEPs in advance, it must be a Monday :)
  14. Fritzy :)
  15. Kev stpeter: I gave waqas r/o access to the repo, btw, when he asked earlier. Said he didn't need r/w yet.
  16. stpeter ok
  17. stpeter WFM
  18. Tobias what's r/o?
  19. Kev read/only
  20. Tobias ahh :)
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  22. MattJ Doesn't everyone have read access?
  23. Kev Not through ssh.
  24. Kev And we've not set up a public mirror yet afaik.
  25. Tobias Kev: gitosis only manages access to the repo, right?
  26. Kev Yes.
  27. Kev Why or what were you wondering about?
  28. Tobias since we seem to have no git savvy email post commit hook notification expert around i'm making myself one :)
  29. Kev Does such a thing not exist already?
  30. Tobias it does
  31. Tobias it just needs to be activated by someone :)
  32. Tobias k..i wonder if that work
  33. Tobias *works
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  35. stpeter of the Council members, I see Ralph and Remko online, with Matthew being awat
  36. stpeter away even
  37. Fritzy I'm here too
  38. Kev Yep, got 15mins though.
  39. stpeter just noting :)
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  41. stpeter wanders off for tea
  42. ralphm slowly gets back into action after a well-deserved-but-way-too-short holiday
  43. Kev Mine was a week.
  44. Kev Well, 4 days away.
  45. ralphm yeah, mine was 7 workingdays
  46. ralphm including today
  47. ralphm but we had a colo outage over the weekend
  48. ralphm so...
  49. MattJ is back
  50. MattJ Timed dinner just right :)
  51. stpeter heh
  52. Kev Just enough time for me to brb before 7.
  53. Kev And we're on.
  54. MattJ Has anyone poked Remko?
  55. Kev I've reminded him at 14 minutes and 0 minutes.
  56. MattJ Fair enough
  57. Kev I expect he'll be along, he acked the 14minute reminder.
  58. remko has joined
  59. remko howdy
  60. Kev There.
  61. MattJ Yay :)
  62. Kev 1) Roll call.
  63. Kev Sausage bap.
  64. Fritzy here
  65. Kev Also: all here.
  66. Fritzy <presence />
  67. Kev 2) Agenda bashing.
  68. ralphm woot!
  69. stpeter wanders back in
  70. MattJ None
  71. Fritzy current agenda is ok
  72. remko none
  73. Kev 3) ProtoXEP - Spim Markers and Reports: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/spim.html
  74. Kev Accept as a XEP?
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  76. Kev I had various comments to make about this, but nothing to stop us throwing it up as Experimental.
  77. Fritzy I have a lot of problems with it
  78. ralphm oh, the evil bit
  79. MattJ waits to hear Fritzy's problems
  80. ralphm I thought we already had a spec for that
  81. Kev ralphm: Yes.
  82. Fritzy I'm going to vote -1 and email to the list my comments
  83. Kev Ok - this is substantial stuff that can't be sorted out while it's on the vine, then?
  84. Fritzy Well, sure -- let me go stream of thought
  85. ralphm http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0076.html
  86. stpeter heh
  87. Kev I'd rather we had something we could put in the minutes as a reason for rejecting it :)
  88. ralphm I see many things wrong with this spec even at a glance
  89. Fritzy I don't like the filters extending the presence stanza
  90. ralphm like abusing presence for pubsub
  91. MattJ ralphm, eh?
  92. ralphm Fritzy: fools seldom differ
  93. Fritzy ?
  94. ralphm MattJ: like example 3
  95. ralphm this is clearly a horrible way to do things
  96. MattJ ralphm, I don't see why... it's not abusing presence for pubsub
  97. MattJ Those tags could be on a message stanza too
  98. Fritzy Also, I don't see how a complaint actually associates itself with what it is complaining about -- maybe I'm missing something here?
  99. ralphm it is, it is soliciting a subscription for stuff through presence
  100. MattJ Fritzy, the "key" attribute
  101. stpeter OT hmph, did we not add this meeting to the calendar?
  102. MattJ stpeter, if you didn't and I didn't then I guess not
  103. stpeter oops
  104. Fritzy MattJ: the key is associated with the subscription to the filter -- not the stanza it is complaining about
  105. Fritzy MattJ: or am I really missing something big here?
  106. MattJ ralphm, no, you're missing it...
  107. MattJ ralphm, that's a normal subscription request from one user to another user
  108. MattJ The <report> elements are to tell the recipient where to report spim to
  109. waqas stpeter: I'd also request notifications posted on identi.ca for council meetings. I always miss the meetings.
  110. MattJ They are inserted by the filters as the stanza passes through
  111. ralphm MattJ: I understand that
  112. Kev waqas: I'm not opposed to that. Although I'd rather I didn't have to remember it.
  113. MattJ Fritzy, subscription to the filter?
  114. Kev Something for AOB.
  115. ralphm anyway
  116. dwd has joined
  117. Fritzy I don't see what the complaint is for since it only contains to the key to the filter subscription.
  118. MattJ What filter subscription?
  119. Fritzy example 3
  120. dwd [log URI?]
  121. MattJ Fritzy, Read what I said to ralphm above
  122. MattJ You and he need to read the XEP again I suspect :)
  123. ralphm I believe we once figured out a way to discover special addresses at servers
  124. ralphm e.g. for reaching admins and what not
  125. Fritzy ah
  126. Fritzy ok
  127. Fritzy I get that now
  128. ralphm I think that should cover it
  129. MattJ Fritzy, to be clear that stanza is just an example, it could also be a <message>
  130. Fritzy so you're complaining about a specific jid
  131. MattJ Obviously if 2 *council members* don't understand this then the XEP needs clarifying :)
  132. Kev For what it's worth, I didn't think this was anything like as bad as you two do.
  133. Tobias MattJ: or the xep needs to wait for a new council ;)
  134. MattJ No, I like it... it's simple, and fits well with the other XEPs we have
  135. Fritzy MattJ: or wait, you're complaining about the stanza that is marked with a key.
  136. MattJ Fritzy, yes, now you're getting it :)
  137. ralphm MattJ: maybe you are right. I am still unsure about the usefulness.
  138. Fritzy sounds useful to me... if a bit noisy
  139. MattJ For example, reports could lower entity reputation, they could automatically add to block lists, etc.
  140. Kev I'll agree with it being noisy, but I think you need that if you want this level of control.
  141. MattJ Fritzy, if you read further it says to only include these tags in certain stanzas
  142. Fritzy right, I see that.
  143. MattJ Like initial subscription requests, or messages from people not in your roster
  144. MattJ So yes, it's "noisy", but only where it has to be
  145. Fritzy There might also be a need to optionally have a form for complaints from specific filters to make it more useful.
  146. MattJ The alternative would be to drop per-stanza reporting, but that has issues
  147. Fritzy so you could explain what you're complaining about
  148. Fritzy or suggest an action
  149. ralphm I think the marking bit is ok, but I'm not very sure about soliciting reports on individual stanzas
  150. MattJ Yes, I think Dave may have suggested something like that on the list
  151. Kev Ok, so, cutting this short.
  152. Kev Are Fritzy and/or Ralph still -1?
  153. stpeter using <presence type='subscribe'/> seems odd for this purpose...
  154. MattJ stpeter, not you too... :)
  155. Kev I picked a good day to take time out to read the proposals at length, I think :)
  156. MattJ stpeter, that is a normal subscription request from one user to another user
  157. MattJ Kev, likewise :)
  158. stpeter anyway I can post to the list about it
  159. Kev So, the proposal clearly needs clarification.
  160. ralphm MattJ: the problem is not in the fact that it is presence, it is the fact that every stanza is littered with lists of filters that you could report a stanza to as 'spim'.
  161. MattJ stpeter, the "filters" inject these tags so that the recipient can know where to report the stanza to
  162. Fritzy stpeter: it isn't using -- it's just marking that to show how to complain about
  163. dwd FWIW, my general thought was that it's an interesting start, we need something like this, and this is a solidly documented proposal.
  164. Kev The question is if Fritzy and Ralph are still vetoing it.
  165. MattJ dwd, I agree
  166. Kev There are much less well-written protoXEPs.
  167. MattJ is +1
  168. ralphm dwd: true
  169. Kev Several are sitting in my outbox.
  170. dwd The details could be a lot better, but it's a step in the right direction and a solid base.
  171. ralphm dwd: would you implement something like this?
  172. stpeter however, I am almost always in favor of publication to get discussion going, put the spec into source control, etc.
  173. ralphm MattJ: ?
  174. Kev ralphm: I'd strongly consider it (client)
  175. MattJ ralphm, yes?
  176. stpeter not that I have vote at the moment :)
  177. Kev Ok, this item is going on much too long.
  178. ralphm I am trying to get a feel of the demand for something like this
  179. Kev Fritzy: Are you still -1?
  180. Kev ralphm: Are you still -1?
  181. MattJ ralphm, I'd implement it
  182. MattJ For sure
  183. Fritzy I'm no longer vetoing it for experimental, but I think it warrants some cleanup and discussion.
  184. dwd I suspect some of our partners may be interested. I suspect we might be too. With some evolution, obviously.
  185. Kev Spam filtering is something that would really interest me to implement server-side.
  186. ralphm I'm 0
  187. dwd Fritzy, Oh, for sure.
  188. MattJ We've accepted far worse protoXEPs... :)
  189. Kev Appeals to my past life as a labrat.
  190. Kev Ok, excellent.
  191. MattJ Yay
  192. dwd Kev, Just *don't* mention it to David...
  193. Kev The XEP Editor can publish, and we'll free-for-all on the standards list.
  194. Fritzy yeah, so when will this be in M-link?
  195. Fritzy ;)
  196. Kev dwd: Could get interesting.
  197. Kev 4) ProtoXEP - Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections. http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/bidi.html
  198. Kev Accept?
  199. MattJ +1
  200. ralphm +1
  201. Kev I object to the formatting of example 3 breaking the XML highlighter, but am in favour.
  202. MattJ Only time has stopped me implementing this
  203. Kev I've already complained to one of the authors about that :)
  204. ralphm dwd: I'm curious about idleness and disconnects
  205. dwd This is Fippo's write-up of my suggestion of resolving Justin's issue as raised in 2003 or something.
  206. Fritzy Definitely +1
  207. Fritzy we need to get somethign out there that solves this.
  208. Kev remko:?
  209. remko +1
  210. ralphm dwd: did you think about that yet?
  211. dwd ralphm, I believe that's unaffected. Indeed, I think it's much easier to manage idleness and 198 and things with bidi.
  212. Kev 5) New term applications reminder.
  213. dwd ralphm, For a start, doing ping-checks across S2S is a PITA.
  214. MattJ Reminded, thanks :)
  215. dwd ralphm, (without bidi)
  216. stpeter notices that Kev is in 30-minute-meeting mode
  217. Kev Just a reminder to anyone thinking of reapplying or applying that the application period will close in a touch over a week.
  218. remko ok
  219. Kev stpeter: Kev is *always* in 30min meeting mode.
  220. Kev Or ideall 20.
  221. MattJ dwd, it's not when you have send_iq() :)
  222. Kev 6) Date of next meeting.
  223. Kev Fritzy: Mondays are difficult for you - when is less difficult?
  224. dwd MattJ, No, because the response still comes back over a different socket.
  225. MattJ dwd, doesn't matter... it means the one you sent on is fine
  226. Fritzy Tues-Fri any other time is less difficult
  227. Kev Fritzy: Any *other* time?
  228. Kev Implying this time is bad any day?
  229. dwd MattJ, Track that over a cluster...
  230. MattJ dwd, I shall do some day :)
  231. Fritzy Monday afternoon or Tues-Fri any time.
  232. ralphm Fritzy: UTC times, please
  233. Kev Later than this is a nuisance for me, and I suspect other .eu people, although I could manage an hour later ok I think.
  234. Fritzy +2 hrs than this or Tues-Fri
  235. waqas has left
  236. Fritzy I'm fine with next Monday same time though
  237. Fritzy just as a tendency
  238. ralphm :-)
  239. Fritzy I often have meetings on Monday morning
  240. Kev Ok.
  241. Fritzy and other catch-up
  242. stpeter is it worth working this out before the new Council is elected?
  243. Kev Well, does anyone have difficulty with Tuesday, at the same time?
  244. ralphm stpeter: my thought
  245. Fritzy stpeter: yeah, I'm fine with working this out in the next council if I'm still on
  246. ralphm lets just finish the term with this slot
  247. Kev stpeter: There are enough weeks left that if 20% of Council can't make the meetings, it's probably worth sorting IMO.
  248. stpeter (if there is a new Council considering that http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2010 is empty!)
  249. ralphm woops
  250. MattJ :D
  251. ralphm copy/pastes
  252. Fritzy haha
  253. Kev stpeter: My app's written, but not linked.
  254. stpeter darn, I was hoping to be elected the Council-of-One :)
  255. Fritzy let's just do Monday next week for now
  256. Fritzy same time same bat-channel
  257. Kev Ok.
  258. remko ok
  259. Kev Any other business?
  260. ralphm stpeter: you're running?
  261. Kev Calendaring and microblogs from waqas.
  262. Fritzy yay
  263. ralphm oh
  264. ralphm application for fosdem
  265. Kev k.
  266. Kev So, Matt - are you still (generally) doing the calendar entries?
  267. ralphm we want the full shebang again?
  268. stpeter ralphm: I was going to if no one else did, that way I could dispense with all this democratic-process nonsense :)
  269. Kev ralphm: Let's do the other first.
  270. ralphm Kev: ok
  271. MattJ Kev, I was, then stpeter was... that got me out of the habit :)
  272. MattJ I can start reminding myself again
  273. Kev Ok.
  274. Kev Who wants to announce on identi.ca?
  275. ralphm wait what?
  276. Kev Is there an XSF account?
  277. MattJ stpeter is busy enough that we should ban him from trivial things like editing calendars
  278. Kev Do we want to do this?
  279. stpeter if it's in the calendar, people will tend to remember it
  280. MattJ There is an XSF account
  281. stpeter Kev: there is
  282. Fritzy I believe there is an XSF account on identi.ca
  283. ralphm do what?
  284. Kev Announce meetings on identi.ca - it was waqas's suggestion earlier.
  285. ralphm ah
  286. ralphm sure
  287. ralphm +1
  288. Kev I'm happy to delay such changes to process until the new Council take over.
  289. stpeter attendance goes up if we announce it 15 minutes before the meeting
  290. Fritzy xmpp uris!
  291. ralphm Kev: nah
  292. Kev But we can start doing it now
  293. Kev who wants to do it?
  294. ralphm Kev: you!
  295. stpeter I find myself not paying attention to identi.ca anymore :(
  296. Kev I guess the Chair can do it, but he's likely to forget.
  297. MattJ How about... I take it on, but I'll write a bot
  298. Kev stpeter: I've disabled the XMPP bot now, too distracting.
  299. ralphm MattJ: haha
  300. stpeter +1 to bot
  301. Kev MattJ: perfect, ta.
  302. Kev Ok.
  303. Kev FOSDEM:
  304. Kev Ralph :)
  305. ralphm right
  306. Kev Your 2 minutes start now.
  307. stpeter MattJ: poke me if you need the password for the XSF account
  308. ralphm it's that time of year again to apply for a devroom and a booth
  309. MattJ stpeter, I think I know it, thanks
  310. ralphm at FOSDEM
  311. stpeter k
  312. ralphm 5/6 feb 2011
  313. Kev ralphm: I'm inclined to say we want the status quo.
  314. ralphm ok
  315. Kev devroom was overflowing last year.
  316. stpeter yeah that was fun
  317. ralphm Did I do the application this year?
  318. MattJ Heh
  319. ralphm I forgot
  320. ralphm I can do it this time, again
  321. stpeter yes you did
  322. stpeter at least, I didn't :)
  323. ralphm :-)
  324. Kev I think this is probably Board, rather than Council, mind.
  325. MattJ ralphm, you could always ask the assistance of the communications team if you need it :)
  326. stpeter Board meeting on Tuesday of this week
  327. stpeter we could discuss there
  328. Tobias dwd: a little late, just had to add an A record, but here are the logs :P http://logs.xmpp.org/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/council/100920/
  329. ralphm Kev: nah, it has always been done by me, basically
  330. stpeter xmpp:xsf@muc.xmpp.org?join
  331. stpeter it's in the calendar, too
  332. ralphm with no particular strong binding to the xsf
  333. Fritzy Can bidi be extended to include dwd's multi-domain per s2s connection with signatures?
  334. Tobias set the topic to XMPP Council Room | http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar | http://logs.xmpp.org/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/council/
  335. stpeter ralphm: right
  336. ralphm although we always went as such
  337. stpeter ralphm: and I'm fine with that!
  338. Tobias set the topic to XMPP Council Room | http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radaras
  339. MattJ Tobias, sensible URLs for the logs? You deserve a bonus :)
  340. MattJ Tobias, I couldn't get that working
  341. Tobias MattJ: i didn't do nothing :)
  342. Tobias just had the record added :D
  343. ralphm just more of a reminder, and I'm wondering if we plan to do a summit again
  344. Kev ralphm: Well, if we get a room, I'm happy.
  345. Tobias MattJ: config and all was already there
  346. MattJ We're doing a summit if we can get somewhere with windows, I think
  347. Kev I'd hope we'd do a summit again, although that needs (probably Board) volunteers to arrange.
  348. ralphm MattJ: +1
  349. Kev Right, windows would be nice. Internets even nicer.
  350. MattJ We've been underground far too long :)
  351. stpeter I've heard that I can get a free meeting room at a Cisco location near the airport (not in the center)
  352. Kev stpeter: I think that's worth strongly considering.
  353. stpeter but I need to ask and get that organized
  354. stpeter to see if it's doable
  355. Kev Could someone ask Board to discuss this tomorrow, please?
  356. stpeter yes
  357. Tobias MattJ: but i guess it would be nice to eliminate the the mud_log/muc.xmpp.org parts..it blows the whole thing up and there aren't any other muc components running
  358. Kev Ta.
  359. MattJ Tobias, +1
  360. stpeter Board meetings are open, BTW
  361. Kev I think we're out of agenda items then, unless there's AOAOB.
  362. MattJ I'm done
  363. Kev stpeter: I'll be trying to remember to attend.
  364. Kev I'll knock out the minutes tomorrow morning, probably.
  365. ralphm hands the gavel
  366. Kev Ok, we're done then
  367. Kev bangs the gavel.
  368. Kev Thanks all.
  369. MattJ Thanks
  370. ralphm hooray
  371. Fritzy Kev/stpeter: has there been any progress made on multi-domain and single cert + signatures per s2s connection?
  372. remko thanks
  373. stpeter Kev: added to http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr
  374. ralphm oh, fosdem also requests ideas for main track speakers
  375. Kev stpeter: ta.
  376. Fritzy aka: the gtalk problem
  377. ralphm not something I've done, but if anyone wants to speak...
  378. stpeter Fritzy: see http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-barnes-xmpp-dna-00
  379. Fritzy stpeter: thanks
  380. stpeter Fritzy: there is also http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-xmpp-dna-00 (expired), but the doc from Richard Barnes incorporates discussion at the meeting in Maastricht in late July
  381. Fritzy cool
  382. MattJ ralphm, I'd likely forget to take my coat off ;)
  383. stpeter Kev: will you have time to write up minutes for this meeting? any other volunteers?
  384. Kev Isode are fairly kind people, I'll do it tomorrow morning.
  385. Kev Unless someone else has a burning desire to get involved!
  386. stpeter :)
  387. stpeter I might find time to do it this evening (Mountain Time)
  388. stpeter but not before then
  389. stpeter brb
  390. Fritzy stpeter: thanks!
  391. Kev stpeter: If you want to beat me to it, feel free.
  392. Tobias k..would be handy if one of those *admin folk* would add this to the topic line: http://logs.xmpp.org/council
  393. MattJ set the topic to XMPP Council Room | http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar | Room logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council
  394. MattJ It's not happy with that... the URLs it directs to are wrong
  395. Tobias works for me
  396. Kev Not for me.
  397. Tobias http://logs.xmpp.org/100714/ <-- this is wrong indeed :)
  398. Kev You end up trying http://logs.xmpp.org/100920/council/council/council/council/council/council/
  399. Kev Before deciding that no matter how many times you press it, it won't work.
  400. stpeter heh
  401. Tobias Kev: what did you do to get that?
  402. MattJ I'll probably look at that, the person who wrote the code originally has gone AWOL :)
  403. Kev Clicked today's tade, then clicked council
  404. Kev then clicked council
  405. Kev then clicked council
  406. Kev etc.
  407. ralphm FOSDEM this year marks a preference for 'encompassing topics'
  408. ralphm shall I suggest related, open protocols as a possible grander theme?
  409. Kev Isn't that always our grander theme?
  410. Tobias Kev: the link seems to have to have a / at the end
  411. Tobias mind changing that in the topic?
  412. ralphm Kev: sure, but we've always 'marketed' the room as xmpp specific
  413. Kev Ah, I see.
  414. ralphm even though our community is clearly broader in interest
  415. Kev Well, we could do extensible social stuff.
  416. Tobias set the topic to XMPP Council Room | http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar | Room logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/
  417. ralphm they might then opt to have a bigger room and hook us up with other open protocols people
  418. ralphm which I think is nice
  419. ralphm (and we do the summit, too)
  420. Kev I think our tie to open social stuff is more useful than our tie to generic open protocols.
  421. Kev open social protocols works.
  422. ralphm nod
  423. ralphm that'd be the thing
  424. ralphm most of the talk on open protocols revolves around this topic anyway
  425. Kev Well, they should all be using XMPP, so sure :D
  426. ralphm oauth, openid, discovery thingies, etc.
  427. ralphm haha
  428. Tobias Kev: mind adding a / to the log url at top?
  429. ralphm application done
  430. MattJ set the topic to XMPP Council Room | http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar | Room logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/
  431. Tobias thanks kev
  432. MattJ np
  433. stpeter wanders off to run an errand...
  434. MattJ Tobias, without '/' should probably redirect
  435. MattJ I'll add that to the tracker
  436. MattJ (prosody-modules tracker, that is)
  437. Tobias ok :)
  438. Tobias since i tried that and failed pretty fast and though i should give up pretty fast too
  439. Tobias :P
  440. MattJ :)
  441. ralphm has left
  442. Tobias MattJ: do you have admin access to the MLs?
  443. Kev I do.
  444. MattJ No, thankfully
  445. Tobias Kev: could you tell me if there's something in xmpp-commit moderation queue?
  446. Kev Peter normally manages them, mind.
  447. Tobias since i pushed something to the repo and it was supposed to send a mail to there
  448. Kev what's the mailing list address?
  449. Kev xmpp-commit@xmpp.org?
  450. Kev Gottit, nevermind.
  451. Tobias k
  452. Kev Now, let's work out what the password is.
  453. Kev I don't see any pending mails.
  454. Tobias strange
  455. Tobias i've added the mailinglist = foo stuff to the hook section of the repo config
  456. Tobias and enabled the post-receive hook
  457. mlundblad has joined
  458. mlundblad was there a council meeting tonight?
  459. remko yes
  460. Tobias remko: btw: did you get your prosody issues sorted out?
  461. remko mattj is on it, as always
  462. remko it's related to xep-198
  463. Tobias ah.ok
  464. MattJ remko, btw... I found no broken hashes in my contact list
  465. MattJ Well, actually I found 2... let me send that email, I'm getting like waqas :)
  466. remko you found no broken hashes, but actually 2?
  467. remko that doesn't sound like 'no' to me :)
  468. Tobias more noish :)
  469. remko yes, my contact list is also clean, but the latest adium beta has a bug
  470. remko and i suspect jabbim and jabber2jabber as well
  471. Tobias latest? the one released yesterday?
  472. remko oh darn, was there a release yesterday?
  473. Tobias yup
  474. Tobias 1.4b19
  475. remko ah yes, it was a beta
  476. remko actually, i even tried the nightly, same problem
  477. Tobias k
  478. remko and jabber2jabber uses gloox i'm told
  479. remko so that seems to be aligned with mattj's mail
  480. MattJ Yes... Spectrum also uses gloox, and it's likely the same issue
  481. MattJ since someone found that Spectrum contacts report as invalid also
  482. MattJ It generates a correct hash, but doesn't add any features to the disco results when a node is included
  483. remko jabber2jabber uses spectrum
  484. remko right, adium has a similar problem
  485. remko it hashes correctly, but doesn't update the hash if you add some features
  486. MattJ Ah
  487. remko that's the price you pay for caching ;-)
  488. remko bugs
  489. remko :)
  490. remko anyway, i'm off, ttyl
  491. remko has left
  492. MattJ Prosody caches it too, but it regenerates for every new feature added/removed :)
  493. MattJ Heh
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