XMPP Council - 2011-02-16

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  18. stpeter greetings
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  21. Kev Hey.
  22. stpeter how goes it?
  23. stpeter looks around for Council members to poke
  24. stpeter Matthew's <status/> says "Walking" :)
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  26. Kev Busy.
  27. David Banes Hi, are these sessions open for 'listen only'?
  28. stpeter sure!
  29. Kev David Banes: Yes.
  30. David Banes OK, I'll listen while having my afternoon tea
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  32. Kev Tobias: Where's the difftool? I've forgotten
  33. stpeter David Banes: you can even say things -- but only Council members have a vote
  34. David Banes OK, thnx .
  35. waqas Does someone have a link to the agenda?
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  37. waqas stpeter: Aside: Is the .im registrar in this list at all? http://www.pir.org/get/registrars?order=field_dnssec_value&sort=desc
  38. stpeter waqas: we just post it (and discuss topics) on the council@xmpp.org list, anyone can subscribe
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  40. ralphm waves
  41. stpeter waqas: good point, I'll ask them about DNSSEC support
  42. stpeter so have we all recovered from the Summit? :)
  43. remko or from not being at the summit
  44. stpeter heh
  45. Kev I suspect I'll never recover from that.
  46. remko Kev: you missed some good pizza and steak ;-)
  47. Kev Not helping.
  48. linuxwolf and ribs
  49. stpeter was the pizza any good?
  50. Kev Right, meeting time.
  51. Kev 1) Roll call.
  52. linuxwolf I think I'm here
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  54. Kev I see a Kevin, one MattM and a Ralph. I don't see a MattJ or a Fritzy.
  55. Kev 2) Agenda bashing.
  56. Kev No? Good.
  57. Kev 3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/vcard4.html Accept as a XEP?
  58. linuxwolf +1 (-:
  59. ralphm +1
  60. ralphm I have severe lag
  61. Kev There are little inconsistencies here, like saying to dump the <vcards/> wrapper, but then having examples that include it, but I'm happy to publish.
  62. ralphm on 2), there were some suggestions. Not sure what to do
  63. stpeter Kev: yeah I tried to clean it up while in Brussels but didn't quite finish, I think
  64. linuxwolf I'll work with the author or the editor on that
  65. Kev ralphm: You mean you have agenda bashing?
  66. ralphm Kev: well you said you were adding stuff to the agenda, but I didn't see an updated one.
  67. Kev ralphm: I thought it was a given that once I'd said 'these are on the agenda' that I didn't need to send out an updated one.
  68. Kev 4) http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0198-1.2.html Accept new version?
  69. Kev I confess to not having read the diff yet, I need to find where the difftool is and check them. I'll vote on list.
  70. stpeter unfortunately it seems that the diff tool is not working
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  72. Kev Ah, lovely.
  73. Kev Ok, so I need to poke iteam about that, then.
  74. Kev Either Ralph or Matt want to vote on 198-1.2?
  75. stpeter at least it's no longer working for me
  76. linuxwolf I need to read the new one again
  77. ralphm not yet
  78. Kev Ok - you have a fortnight :)
  79. stpeter dwd: could you review 198 as well?
  80. Kev 5) Soon-to-expire XEPs: > http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0215.html > http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0275.html > http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0276.html > http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0277.html
  81. stpeter dwd: I want to make sure I incorporated everything from your patch
  82. dwd I can, but as Kev might tell you, I'm a shade overworked...
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  84. stpeter dwd: um yeah, I understand
  85. Kev Not that there's anything for Council to do about these, unless someone fancies updating them.
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  87. stpeter I poked the Jingle list and several Collabora contributors about 276
  88. stpeter the others could always be resurrected in the future if desired
  89. stpeter I just wanted to keep the Council in the loop
  90. Kev It only takes an update :)
  91. stpeter yep
  92. Kev 6) Date of next meeting.
  93. stpeter waqas: http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/council
  94. dwd I may choose to resurrect 277 at some stage, but not right now.
  95. Kev Next Wednesday, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel?
  96. ralphm xep-0277 needs some use cases
  97. stpeter dwd: yes I think it's a bit early for the microblogging stuff, and others are more interested in it than I am, it seems
  98. dwd ralphm, The big problem is that there are two quite distinct models, and we need to pick one.
  99. stpeter nods to ralphm
  100. ralphm also, I am more interested in a slightly broader scope
  101. ralphm (than pure microblogging)
  102. stpeter Kev: works for me
  103. dwd ralphm, macroblogging?
  104. ralphm dwd: well, we shove around quite some atom ovre xmpp
  105. David Banes fyi - there was a general feeling at SeaBeyond that xep-0277 wasn't a lot of use in it's current form .. just 'sayin
  106. dwd ralphm, Like microblogging, except there's a minimum number of characters.
  107. ralphm for federation purposes
  108. ralphm including activity streams
  109. stpeter adds next week's Council meeting to the calendar
  110. Kev Thanks.
  111. Kev 7) AOB
  112. stpeter David Banes: yes that seems to be the general feeling all around
  113. Kev Oh, right.
  114. Kev GSoC.
  115. stpeter ah yes
  116. stpeter already? ;-)
  117. Kev I'm assuming we're applying again.
  118. Kev I saw bear announce that he was going to be admin this year, so I guess Board have discussed this, but I didn't notice the minutes :)
  119. ralphm David Banes: I didn't get into good talks with the other people around at FOSDEM to talk much about this, unfortunately
  120. Kev In any case, I'd like to check that we don't have another FOSDEM falling-through-the-cracks.
  121. stpeter yeah
  122. stpeter we also need to think about a North American summit
  123. Kev We should think about sorting out proposals etc. in advance of orgs applying, ideally.
  124. stpeter (if desired)
  125. stpeter Kev: yes
  126. Kev Swift is probably in a state to put a couple of proposals up this year. Albeit we'd be terribly elitist about what we wanted in a student :)
  127. Kev Simon's spoken to me about wanting to do BuddyCloud proposals under the XSF umbrella.
  128. ralphm Kev: how is that bad?
  129. ralphm Oh nice
  130. linuxwolf doesn't seem the inherent problem with elitism
  131. Kev So I think what we need is for Board to make a decision about who's responsible for this (and maybe it's already done so and I missed the minutes) so I can start beating them over the head to make sure they do everything.
  132. Kev I note that I'm idling in the gsoc channel already.
  133. Kev When's the next Board meeting anyhow? I couldn't find it in the calendar when I looked yesterday.
  134. stpeter Kev: I haven't seen a Board decision about this, and will poke their list about having a meeting next week
  135. Kev I think we suffered last year from not being organised enough in advance, so I'd like us to do better this year.
  136. Kev And ideally I'd like someone else to be doing it :D
  137. stpeter :)
  138. Kev (Although I'm happy to be admin again, like last year)
  139. stpeter Board list poked
  140. Kev Ta.
  141. Kev Is the Board list public-membership these days?
  142. stpeter Kev: no, but the meetings are held in the open xsf@muc.xmpp.org room
  143. Kev Well, this isn't really Council-relevant now.
  144. Kev Any other AOB?
  145. Kev stpeter: Right, it's just hard to know when the meetings are without listening to the list :)
  146. stpeter oh
  147. stpeter Kev: right, the calendar should be updated
  148. stpeter I have AOB
  149. Kev Shoot.
  150. stpeter file transfer
  151. stpeter there's a whole raft of specs
  152. stpeter I think 47 is ready to go
  153. stpeter I think we'll want to work on these somewhat sequentially
  154. stpeter after 47 I think we could do Jingle IBB = XEP-0261
  155. stpeter so I will continue to poke various lists and people about that
  156. stpeter perhaps 47 can be on the agenda for next week's Council meeting
  157. Kev Ok.
  158. stpeter in parallel, I will start a thread about 65 (one major open issue)
  159. stpeter and update 234
  160. stpeter (to reflect Brussels discussions)
  161. Kev By 'on the agenda', you mean there's a new version to vote on, or you'd like to LC it?
  162. stpeter new version
  163. Kev Ok.
  164. Kev It's not an LC when it's already Draft anyway, is it? :)
  165. stpeter 1.3rc2 for 47
  166. Kev But anyway, details.
  167. Kev Ok.
  168. stpeter right
  169. stpeter http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0047-1.3.html
  170. Kev Will do. Anything else?
  171. stpeter no, that's it from me
  172. linuxwolf not this week (-:
  173. Kev Excellent.
  174. linuxwolf oh, Kev: check your emails, pls (-:
  175. remko stpeter: It wasn't authentic pizza or anything, but i'm extremely easy on pizza.
  176. Kev I'll sort out minutes when I have some spare cycles. Around 2015
  177. Kev linuxwolf: Oh, I've probably missed whatever it is then.
  178. Kev linuxwolf: Could you repoke it please?
  179. linuxwolf Kev: I can resend…about multi-resource
  180. stpeter is shooting to get below Inbox 7000 today
  181. remko linuxwolf:"Prework on multi-resource"?
  182. linuxwolf
  183. Kev Ok, I'll dig that out. It's not in the first page of my inbox so there's no hope of me finding it naturally.
  184. linuxwolf (oh noes, evil composed character!)
  185. Kev In any case, I think Council's done.
  186. linuxwolf /nod
  187. Kev Thanks all.
  188. Kev bangs the gavel.
  189. stpeter heh
  190. linuxwolf adios
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  192. stpeter I've been thinking more about i18n, too -- need to get working on updated specs
  193. ralphm stpeter: I found the sessions on i18n pretty good, but am unsure how "we" should proceed
  194. ralphm sure the precis wg is a collection of people
  195. ralphm but some hints for contributing meaningfully would be useful
  196. Tobias Kev: thanks for the reminder..i'll try to bring in back this evening :)
  197. Kev Tobias: Fab, thanks.
  198. ralphm I'm not sure how many people had any idea of what to do
  199. stpeter ralphm: I'll be providing some guidance about direction soon
  200. stpeter ralphm: or at least some further thoughts
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  202. Kev For reference, I've just seen https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YpQjl8pDTztxlk1eRDgheHq-17vMEcNt3qUCypioW_g/edit?hl=en&pli=1# announced in the gsoc channel.
  203. ralphm stpeter: awesome
  204. stpeter oh and the .im folks tell me that DNSSEC is on their roadmap, but no specific date yet
  205. waqas Ah, thanks
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  209. bear kev - I didn't announce that I had decided, I said that if the board agreed to do GSoC I could be the org admin
  210. Kev bear: Ok, I misread. I was sure I saw "I'm the GSoC admin".
  211. bear maybe that was my "trying to be cute and funny" english #fail
  212. ralphm why oh why multiple disco identities for i18n
  213. ralphm *snif*
  214. stpeter ?
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  216. ralphm well, if you want to provide translated disco identity names, you need to include a seperate element with a xml:lang
  217. ralphm wokkel didn't take that into account
  218. ralphm I'd design the protocol differently today
  219. ralphm like text element(s) separate from all identities
  220. ralphm oh well
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