XMPP Council - 2011-03-07

  1. stpeter

    Kev: BTW I've just updated XEP-0261 (Jingle IBB) and I think it's ready for a Last Call -- will push out 0.6 as soon as athena starts behaving correctly

  2. Kev


  3. Kev

    !agendaappend XEP-0261 (Jingle IBB) - Last Call on version 0.6?

  4. Kanchil+

    Kev: Done.

  5. Kev


  6. Kanchil+

    Kev: 1) Roll call 2) Agenda bashing 3) XEP-0261 (Jingle IBB) - Last Call on version 0.6? 4) Date of next meeting 5) Any other business Fini

  7. stpeter

    I wonder if it makes sense to do Last Calls on Draft and Final specs, too -- or at least seek wider review for substantive changes

  8. Kev

    Well, Draft->Final requires a CFE, doesn't it?

  9. stpeter

    yes true

  10. Kev

    For versions of Draft, maybe we should.

  11. Kev

    Sounds like a lot of overhead, mind.

  12. stpeter


  13. stpeter

    scratch that idea :)

  14. Kev

    I was hoping someone would have said "Wow, cool!" about the !agenda stuff by now :(

  15. stpeter

    it is quite special, but then we've just come to expect such things from you ;-)

  16. Kev

    That *nearly* makes up for it :)

  17. Kev

    That's a new Swiften-powered bot.

  18. stpeter

    yes, I figured

  19. stpeter

    can it be used in rooms other than this one?

  20. Kev

    Yes (it's in swift@ as well), but I'm the only one who can run admin commands at the moment.

  21. stpeter

    e.g., does it know that for this room it retrieves the Council agenda, whereas for the XSF room it retrieves some other agenda?

  22. Kev

    Oh, yes, it knows about who it's talking to.

  23. Kev

    I need to change it so I can make 'moderator in the room' an acceptable ACL level.

  24. Kev

    I don't want people other than me to be able to do

  25. stpeter nods

  26. Kev

    !evalr a = "Hi"; b = "There"; return a.." "..b;

  27. Kanchil+

    Kev: Hi There

  28. Kev

    Type stuff.

  29. Kev

    But it'd be nice for other people to be able to do

  30. Kev


  31. Kanchil+

    Kev: 3) XEP-0261 (Jingle IBB) - Last Call on version 0.6?

  32. Kev


  33. Kanchil+

    Kev: 4) Date of next meeting

  34. stpeter

    wow, it's Turing-complete!

  35. Kev

    !agendaup -3

  36. Kanchil+

    Kev: 1) Roll call

  37. Kev

    And the like.

  38. stpeter

    shiny :)

  39. Kev

    !echo Hi there.

  40. Kanchil+

    Kev: Hi there.

  41. Kev

    You have access to that command, at least ;)

  42. stpeter

    to echo?

  43. Kev


  44. Kev

    You can tell what you have access to with !help - it'll only tell you things you're allowed to run (And it'll tell you outside the room to avoid spammage)

  45. stpeter

    will the bot answer my email for me? somehow I'm up to 1300 messages

  46. Kev

    Not yet, but it could.

  47. Kev

    !eval function answer_mail(command, params, message) swiftob_reply_to(message, "Dear Sir, No. Love Peter") end

  48. Kanchil+

    Kev: done

  49. Kev

    !eval swiftob_register_command("answermymail", "Anyone", "As on the tin", answer_mail)

  50. Kanchil+

    Kev: done

  51. Kev


  52. Kanchil+

    Kev: Dear Sir, No. Love Peter

  53. stpeter


  54. Kev

    (Anyone can now run that command, until I reset the bot and it's lost)

  55. Kev

    Fritzy just sent tentative apologies for Wednesday. Writing it here so I have a chance of remembering on Wednesday :)

  56. stpeter

    ok :)

  57. Kev

    !join jdev@conference.jabber.org

  58. Kanchil+

    Kev: Trying to join jdev@conference.jabber.org.

  59. Kanchil+

    Kev: Joined jdev@conference.jabber.org

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