XMPP Council - 2011-04-05

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  9. stpeter Kev, do we have a meeting this week?
  10. Kev We don't have any agenda items yet. I meant to ask if you had any.
  11. stpeter let me see if I have anything in queue
  12. Kev I need to get a quiet couple of hours that I don't need for relaxing to make the requisite changes to xep-correct.
  13. Kev I still haven't.
  14. stpeter nods
  15. stpeter looks at minutes for recent Council meetings to get his bearings again...
  16. stpeter I haven't seen any messages from Ralph on the inbox items
  17. stpeter nor from other Council members about S5B
  18. stpeter pokage in progress :)
  19. Kev I know I need to review S5B still. I figure I've still got tomorrow morning for that :)
  20. stpeter sure
  21. stpeter brb
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