XMPP Council - 2011-05-11

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  19. stpeter greetings and salutations
  20. Kev Af'noon.
  21. stpeter BTW I never pushed out the Deprecated editions of XEPs 192 and 193, so I'll do that now
  22. stpeter brb
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  25. linuxwolf /whew
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  27. ralphm materializes out of thin air
  28. stpeter joins his simultaneous conference call
  29. Fritzy N
  30. Fritzy leaves out the north exit.
  31. linuxwolf ok, so we doing this thing?
  32. Kev Right.
  33. Kev Sorry, clock's out.
  34. linuxwolf (-:
  35. Kev Let's check if Matt's here.(J)
  36. Kev Nope, doesn't seem so.
  37. Kev Council is always so much more inconvenient when I'm in the office.
  38. Kev Let's go, then.
  39. linuxwolf haha
  40. Kev 1) Roll Call.
  41. linuxwolf presente
  42. Kev I'm here.
  43. Fritzy here
  44. Kev Ralph was here a moment ago, so I assume he's still here.
  45. Kev 2) Agenda bashing (Only thing is discussing what Peter would like us to discuss about 220)
  46. ralphm i am
  47. Kev I guess that's a "No" to bashing.
  48. Kev So.
  49. Kev 3) XEP-0220.
  50. linuxwolf I've been trying to corner some of our experts
  51. Kev There was some heated discussion on this, leading to (or from) removing lots of examples from the XEP.
  52. Fritzy saw that
  53. ralphm hm
  54. ralphm because they were bad?
  55. linuxwolf confusing, and buggy
  56. Kev ralphm: ISTR the examples previously covered dialback in both directions, and had bugs. Peter changed them to only cover the one-way case.
  57. stpeter right
  58. Kev Peter wanted us to rediscuss this.
  59. Kev Ah, and he's here, hoorah.
  60. Kev stpeter: What desireth thou of thine Council?
  61. stpeter sure, just multitasking here
  62. stpeter well, I think folks need to review the spec again / revote
  63. Fritzy ok
  64. linuxwolf /nod
  65. Kev This is voting on moving through to Draft, right?
  66. stpeter yes
  67. Kev I've never touched the DB code, I'll ask the guys here what they think.
  68. Fritzy I propose we do that next meeting then.
  69. linuxwolf I need to corner some of our experts, and have them do a once-over
  70. Kev Alrighty.
  71. stpeter Fritzy: WFM
  72. Kev So next week I'll agendaise (!) a vote to Draft on XEP-0220.
  73. stpeter given that there was controversy, I wanted to make sure that folks find the current version acceptable
  74. Kev 4) Date of next meeting Next week as usual?
  75. linuxwolf WFM
  76. Fritzy WFM?
  77. linuxwolf works for me
  78. Fritzy ah
  79. stpeter about XEP-0178, shall I "publish" another revision?
  80. Kev Whisky Foxtrot Mike.
  81. Fritzy That
  82. stpeter (to incorporate Council feedback)
  83. linuxwolf Fritzy: RTFM about TLAs, MF (-:
  84. Kev stpeter: I'm happy for you to publish with the discussed changes.
  85. stpeter Kev: will do now
  86. linuxwolf grazie
  87. Kev 5) Any other business.
  88. Fritzy notta
  89. linuxwolf not this week
  90. stpeter none here
  91. Fritzy I'm going to catch up on email and voting today.
  92. Kev There's a few hours left for 178 feedback from people other than linuxwolf and myself.
  93. Kev (Well, technically the voting period ended 13minutes ago, but nevermind)
  94. Kev I guess we're done for this week then.
  95. Kev Thanks all!
  96. linuxwolf eh, call it end-of-day (+11:00) (-:
  97. Kev bangs the gavel.
  98. linuxwolf nice and short
  99. linuxwolf w00t
  100. linuxwolf goes off to POKE dialback folk
  101. Fritzy ciao
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  103. stpeter updates 178 in git
  104. linuxwolf invokes XEP-0132
  105. linuxwolf adios
  106. linuxwolf suggests not having a meeting all in the third-person
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  108. stpeter http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0178-1.1.html updated
  109. Kev Ta.
  110. stpeter see also http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0178/diff/1.0/vs/1.1rc7
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  112. stpeter Kev: calendar updated
  113. Kev Thanks.
  114. stpeter except calgen.py is still throwing an error on "/xsf-extensions.ics"
  115. Kev Oh well :)
  116. stpeter it's an XML parsing problem, let's see where that is coming from...
  117. stpeter fixed
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