XMPP Council - 2011-06-15

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  6. linuxwolf waves?
  7. MattJ too?
  8. Kev Yep.
  9. Kev Got a minute yet, though.
  10. MattJ 2s
  11. linuxwolf I already have us 1 minute past time
  12. Kev Now we're on time.
  13. Kev 1) Roll call.
  14. Kev I'm here.
  15. Kev Ralph sends apologies.
  16. linuxwolf presente
  17. Kev Nathan appears absent.
  18. MattJ I'm here
  19. Kev Yay.
  20. Kev 2) Agenda bashing.
  21. MattJ None
  22. linuxwolf nay
  23. stpeter I might have an AOB at the end
  24. Kev k
  25. Kev 4) Approve version 1.1rc1 of "XEP-0171: Language Translation"? http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0171-1.1.html http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0171/diff/1.0/vs/1.1rc1
  26. MattJ +1
  27. Kev I'm OK with this only because Peter's checked with the authors and we believe them to be the only implementors.
  28. Kev But I am OK with it.
  29. linuxwolf +1 also
  30. Kev 5) Approve version 1.3rc2 of "XEP-0198: Stream Management"? http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0198-1.3.html http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0198/diff/1.2/vs/1.3rc2
  31. MattJ +1
  32. Kev +1 also.
  33. MattJ The only comment I have is that the new paragraph in section 5 threw me for a second
  34. Kev Oh, I seem to have missed 3)
  35. MattJ But I guess it's technically right
  36. Kev Let's do that next :)
  37. linuxwolf will vote on the list…need to read it again
  38. Kev k
  39. Kev 3) Last call on XEP-0266 (Jingle Voice codecs)?
  40. MattJ It's changed already?
  41. stpeter MattJ: there was a comment on the list about that point in 198
  42. MattJ the current vesion says "XEP-0266: Codecs for Jingle Audio"
  43. stpeter right, audio is more than voice
  44. linuxwolf (-:
  45. stpeter I think it captures consensus from the jingle@ list
  46. linuxwolf Pedantic Wednesday
  47. stpeter linuxwolf: ;-)
  48. Kev I'm +1 on lastcalling, anyway.
  49. MattJ Ditto
  50. linuxwolf +1, although there's already some dissent on the standards@ list
  51. stpeter some, or only Arc? ;-)
  52. linuxwolf well, ok…one (-:
  53. MattJ Heh
  54. Kev Last call is a chance for such feedback to be heard.
  55. Kev 6) Discuss 0220 (Dialback).
  56. stpeter rough consensus -- as they say in the IETF, he might be in the rough
  57. MattJ That's what LC is for
  58. linuxwolf true, hence my +1 d-:
  59. MattJ What are the open issues with 220?
  60. linuxwolf features
  61. stpeter right
  62. Kev Do we have agreement between the authors on this yet?
  63. stpeter we need to settle on the features stuff
  64. linuxwolf haha
  65. stpeter I was just poking the Council in case they have opinions in the matter
  66. Kev You know me, I rarely have opinions :D
  67. stpeter :P
  68. MattJ None that I haven't given on-list as an implementor :)
  69. linuxwolf I've already stated mine previously
  70. stpeter ok I will follow up on the list, then
  71. MattJ Thanks
  72. Kev 7) Discuss 0299 (Video codecs).
  73. stpeter right
  74. Kev Mostly just are we happy that this was an editorial change splitting it in two and don't need Council to approve it.
  75. Kev Which I am.
  76. stpeter so I pubilshed that on Sunday without Council approval
  77. stpeter right
  78. stpeter mitosis
  79. stpeter or somesuch
  80. linuxwolf it's ok with me
  81. MattJ +1
  82. Kev Goodo.
  83. Kev 8) Date of next meeting
  84. Kev Same bat time, same bat channel?
  85. stpeter WFM
  86. stpeter AOB?
  87. Kev Hey hey.
  88. Kev Remember who's in charge here!
  89. Kev 9) AOB.
  90. stpeter I'm wondering if any council members have ideas about how to handle hash agility -- http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2011-June/024599.html
  91. stpeter :P
  92. stpeter I thought next meeting was always the last item on the agenda, my bad
  93. MattJ waqas's approach seems sensible
  94. linuxwolf seems about right to me
  95. stpeter MattJ: I'm wondering if we want to define different elements in special namespaces like urn:xmpp:hashes:sha1 -- that way <sha1 xmlns='urn:xmpp:hashes:sha1'>...</sha1> could be included in any XMPP element
  96. Kev I'm happy with leaving SI to wither and fixing this in Jingle, and namespacing the elements seems fine to me.
  97. MattJ stpeter, mmm, that's nice
  98. linuxwolf agree with the namespacing
  99. stpeter so we might have a separate document that defies "hash functions for XMPP"
  100. stpeter and it would be revised when we change our recommendations
  101. stpeter etc.
  102. stpeter a "living document" if you will
  103. stpeter seem reasonable?
  104. stpeter s/defies/defines/ :)
  105. Kev With no time to digest the idea, it doesn't seem unreasonable.
  106. MattJ It would certainly help the current state of ad-hoc hashes included in each XEP
  107. stpeter MattJ: right
  108. stpeter I will look at the different XEPs and perhaps get a protoXEP ready for next week
  109. linuxwolf ok
  110. stpeter that's all from me, I think
  111. Kev Anyone else?
  112. stpeter plus if I get it ready quickly, it could be XEP-0300 :)
  113. MattJ Nay
  114. MattJ :)
  115. Kev Right, so I think we're done.
  116. stpeter yep
  117. Kev Thanks all.
  118. Kev bangs the gavel.
  119. stpeter thank you!
  120. linuxwolf adios
  121. MattJ Merci
  122. stpeter Kev, it seems that Nathan and Ralph are DNV on 262
  123. stpeter er
  124. stpeter perhaps only Ralph
  125. stpeter ererer
  126. stpeter only Nathan
  127. stpeter sigh
  128. stpeter too much multitasking
  129. stpeter calendar updated to reflect next week's meeting
  130. MattJ Thanks :)
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  132. stpeter sigh
  133. stpeter I've been screwing things up lately
  134. Kev Time for a holiday, then.
  135. stpeter yeah right
  136. stpeter case in point: XEP-0171
  137. stpeter etc.
  138. stpeter I'll wait longer on 198 :P
  139. MattJ stpeter, what did you screw up with 171?
  140. MattJ The # thing?
  141. MattJ If so, wasn't it really council's job to spot that too? :)
  142. stpeter no, I pushed out 1.1 without waiting for votes from the Council members who weren't able to attend the meeting :(
  143. stpeter dumb
  144. MattJ Oh, I see
  145. stpeter :|
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