XMPP Council - 2011-08-31

  1. stpeter


  2. stpeter

    I think there's no meeting today, right?

  3. linuxwolf

    not that I'm aware of

  4. ralphm


  5. linuxwolf

    although it's showing up on my calendar

  6. stpeter

    yeah because I added it and didn't remove it

  7. stpeter

    sigh, trying to rein in some of my IETF working groups this morning -- talk about herding cats :)

  8. linuxwolf


  9. linuxwolf

    still trying to catch up on the mailer stuff

  10. stpeter

    linuxwolf: I'm not even talking about *that* WG, about which I have a conference call starting in 5 minutes

  11. linuxwolf

    heh…neither am I (-:

  12. linuxwolf

    I'm actually talking about standards@

  13. stpeter

    oh I was talking about the working group that shall not be named ;-)

  14. linuxwolf

    I figured that out (-:

  15. linuxwolf

    looks like y'all have a new controversy … error codes /-:

  16. stpeter

    I don't recall -- will the Council hold a meeting next week in Kev's absence, or wait until he returns?

  17. linuxwolf

    I think we were waiting until his return

  18. stpeter


  19. linuxwolf

    I think Matthew Wild is out also

  20. stpeter

    I'll update the calendar accordingly

  21. linuxwolf


  22. stpeter

    so next meeting on September 14?

  23. linuxwolf


  24. stpeter