XMPP Council - 2012-02-08

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  2. Tobias

    Kev, so what's on todays agenda...seems i can't make it today

  3. Tobias


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  9. stpeter blearily wonders if there truly is a Council meeting today :)

  10. Tobias

    stpeter, yeah?!?!

  11. stpeter also wonders why Firefox won't load on his machine anymore

  12. Tobias

    according to the calendar, there is

  13. stpeter

    Tobias: correct

  14. stpeter

    Tobias: I'm quite jetlagged, but I can participate today

  15. linuxwolf

    I almost forgot

  16. linuxwolf

    Kev did send out an agenda

  17. stpeter looks among the 3000 messages in his inbox

  18. linuxwolf

    2) Obsoleting XEP-0237

  19. Tobias

    yeah...deprecating roster versioning...it's deprecated if not changed for a year

  20. Tobias

    ahh..obsoleting...got that wrong

  21. linuxwolf

    well, it starts with deprecated, then goes to obsoleting … technically

  22. Tobias

    is experimental, right?

  23. stpeter

    well right

  24. linuxwolf

    it's draft, actually

  25. Tobias

    but doesn't obsoleting/deprecating happen automatically?

  26. stpeter

    but 190, 192, 193, and 237 were all effectively obsoleted by publication of the RFCs

  27. stpeter

    Tobias: that's deferring

  28. Tobias

    stpeter, ahh..versioning got added to the RFCs

  29. linuxwolf


  30. Tobias

    ok..then it makes sense to obsolete it

  31. stpeter

    Tobias: yes, it's in RFC 6121

  32. ralphm

    I'm here

  33. linuxwolf

    oh, it's time

  34. stpeter has no idea what time it is :)

  35. linuxwolf


  36. ralphm

    16:00 UTC

  37. Tobias


  38. ralphm


  39. linuxwolf


  40. linuxwolf

    ok, well … Kev's away

  41. linuxwolf

    anyone object to me running in Kev's absence?

  42. ralphm


  43. ralphm

    go ahead

  44. Tobias

    no objections from me

  45. linuxwolf


  46. linuxwolf


  47. linuxwolf

    1) Roll call

  48. linuxwolf


  49. Tobias


  50. linuxwolf

    ralphm: still with us?

  51. stpeter

    just pinged MattJ

  52. ralphm


  53. linuxwolf

    grazie … was just about to do that

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  55. linuxwolf

    and MattJ is now with us

  56. linuxwolf


  57. MattJ

    Present :)

  58. linuxwolf

    2) Obsolete 237

  59. ralphm


  60. MattJ


  61. linuxwolf

    technically, it should move to Deprecated first

  62. ralphm

    that's stupid

  63. ralphm

    as it was obsoleted by a followup spec

  64. ralphm

    (an RFC in this case)

  65. Tobias


  66. linuxwolf

    let's say the vote is for both deprecated and obsolete

  67. ralphm

    I move we skip that step

  68. linuxwolf


  69. ralphm


  70. MattJ

    Heh, +1 :)

  71. Tobias


  72. linuxwolf goes takes note

  73. linuxwolf

    we'll give Kev a fortnight to vote onlist

  74. ralphm


  75. linuxwolf

    3) AOB

  76. ralphm

    FOSDEM report

  77. linuxwolf


  78. linuxwolf

    or ralphm — go ahead!

  79. ralphm


  80. stpeter

    BTW http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0190.html should be moved to Obsolete too

  81. stpeter

    well also 192 and 193

  82. stpeter

    the latter two are Deprecated

  83. linuxwolf

    one AOB at a time please (-:

  84. stpeter

    but we never Deprecated 190a nd 237

  85. stpeter

    just FYI :)

  86. linuxwolf


  87. ralphm

    stpeter: noted

  88. ralphm


  89. ralphm

    We had a splendid long weekend

  90. stpeter

    (someone at the Summit started implementing roster versioning based on XEP-0237...)

  91. stpeter


  92. ralphm

    I missed the the friday

  93. stpeter

    BTW I updated the FOSDEM / Summit notes on the plane yesterday

  94. ralphm

    but the Devroom was packed as ever

  95. linuxwolf


  96. linuxwolf

    and /-: on 237

  97. Tobias

    ralphm, was it a larger room this time?

  98. ralphm

    and the new location and set up of our real-time lounge was awesome

  99. ralphm

    especially as a first start

  100. ralphm

    Tobias: 100 seats

  101. ralphm

    Tobias: and also stricter rules on not standing in the paths/sides

  102. ralphm

    Tobias: so no

  103. Tobias


  104. MattJ

    We had that room the year before last, no?

  105. ralphm

    It was a different room

  106. MattJ

    Hmm, ok

  107. ralphm

    Last year we were in AW

  108. Tobias

    do they have bigger dev rooms at all?

  109. ralphm

    they do

  110. ralphm

    but there are over 2x as many applicant projects than rooms

  111. ralphm

    we don't really have a say in it

  112. ralphm

    I think it was fine, though

  113. stpeter


  114. linuxwolf


  115. stpeter

    updated notes

  116. ralphm

    We might shoot for one main-track speaker next year, instead of wanting a bigger room

  117. ralphm

    stpeter: many thanks for that

  118. ralphm

    For next year we'll probably do some things better/different

  119. stpeter

    oh yes

  120. ralphm

    see stpeter's notes

  121. stpeter


  122. ralphm

    also, we might want to think about moving the 'monday' to thursday instead

  123. ralphm

    i.e. 2 days before FOSDEM

  124. stpeter

    those are notes from the piratepad, but I did the majority of the scribing, I think

  125. ralphm

    that leaves us less tired and late on monday

  126. MattJ

    ralphm, what's the logic behind that?

  127. stpeter

    ralphm: we talked about that on Monday night

  128. MattJ


  129. stpeter

    (at the "meating")

  130. ralphm

    stpeter: yeah, intosi mentioned this

  131. stpeter

    I think it's a good idea

  132. linuxwolf

    almost sorry I missed out

  133. stpeter


  134. Kev


  135. ralphm

    I mean, we effectively used about 4 hours on monday

  136. linuxwolf

    well, no, I am sorry I missed out

  137. ralphm

    which could be done better

  138. stpeter

    so we'd have the Summit on Thursday and Friday

  139. linuxwolf

    (Kev appears)

  140. Kev

    Sorry, was out and couldn't get away.

  141. linuxwolf

    no worries … we started without you (-:

  142. ralphm

    stpeter: nod

  143. Kev


  144. Kev

    1) Here, late. 2) Yes, get rid of it.

  145. linuxwolf hands gavel back to Kev

  146. Kev

    3) Thu/Fri seems better than Fri/Mon.

  147. Kev

    linuxwolf: Happy for you to finish up with it :)

  148. linuxwolf

    ok then (-:

  149. ralphm

    I assume most of the improvement notes will come up in board soonish

  150. linuxwolf

    anything else on FOSDEM

  151. ralphm

    thanks everyone!

  152. Kev

    Is anyone writing up technical notes?

  153. MattJ

    +1 :)

  154. stpeter

    linuxwolf: not really, see the notes I posted

  155. linuxwolf


  156. MattJ

    and next year I'd really like to at least audio-record the talks

  157. ralphm

    MattJ: nod

  158. MattJ

    I know it takes someone to step up and do that, but I think I can

  159. Kev

    I can write up a summary if no-one else is.

  160. linuxwolf

    Kev: I'm working on council notes as we speak, stpeter posted Summit notes on list

  161. Kev

    And yes, thanks to everyone who arranged stuff.

  162. Kev

    Ah, great.

  163. linuxwolf

    ok, moving on

  164. ralphm

    Maybe we should put up a wiki page on this

  165. linuxwolf

    3.2) Obsolete 190

  166. ralphm

    so that improvements can be added there

  167. linuxwolf

    not a bad idea, anyone willing to take that on?

  168. ralphm

    +1 on deprecating and deleting 190

  169. Kev

    190 is covered by 6120 now, is it?

  170. stpeter

    Kev: yes

  171. linuxwolf

    It's more or less replaced by 6120

  172. ralphm

    eh, obsoleting, hehe

  173. linuxwolf

    +1 on deprecating and obsoleting

  174. Kev

    I should probably check 6120 before I vote on this, will do on list.

  175. linuxwolf


  176. linuxwolf

    noted even

  177. stpeter

    as mentioned above, when the new RFCs were published we deprecated 192 and 193, but neglected to deprecate 190 and 237

  178. linuxwolf


  179. Tobias


  180. Tobias

    +1 on obsoleting

  181. linuxwolf


  182. linuxwolf


  183. linuxwolf

    on list, or do you have a position now?

  184. MattJ

    I'm +1

  185. linuxwolf


  186. linuxwolf

    3.3) Obsolete 192

  187. ralphm


  188. linuxwolf

    again, replaced by RFC 6120

  189. Kev


  190. linuxwolf

    I'm +1 also

  191. MattJ


  192. linuxwolf

    Tobias: your vote?

  193. Tobias


  194. Tobias


  195. linuxwolf


  196. linuxwolf

    3.4) Obsolete 193

  197. Kev


  198. ralphm


  199. linuxwolf

    yet again, replaced by RFC 6120

  200. linuxwolf

    +1 also

  201. MattJ


  202. Tobias


  203. linuxwolf


  204. linuxwolf

    and one last item ...

  205. linuxwolf

    I finally put my vote on XEP-0045, so I believe it's good to be updated now

  206. linuxwolf

    publish 1.25 rather

  207. ralphm


  208. Kev

    Yep, saw that, thanks.

  209. stpeter


  210. linuxwolf


  211. stpeter is too tired to cheer enthusiastically :)

  212. ralphm

    For next time, maybe we should discuss if we want to do something about the lenght of XEP-0060 (and maybe other specs)

  213. linuxwolf

    let's try not to let that happen again (-:

  214. Kev

    You're not alone. I'm hoping to be human again tomorrow.

  215. ralphm

    this came up at FOSDEM

  216. linuxwolf

    although I'm afraid there's a large backlog for 60

  217. stpeter

    ralphm: right

  218. linuxwolf


  219. stpeter

    I think we could move lots of the management stuff to separate specs for both 45 and 60

  220. ralphm


  221. ralphm

    So I'd like to put that on the agenda

  222. ralphm

    for next week or so

  223. linuxwolf

    noted in minutes

  224. Kev

    ralphm: Put what on the agenda, particularly?

  225. ralphm

    Kev: the discussion on that

  226. Kev

    Just a discussion, ok.

  227. linuxwolf

    4) DateTime of next meeting

  228. linuxwolf

    unless there was more AOB?

  229. linuxwolf

    it didn't read like it, though

  230. Kev

    AOB: Thanks linuxwolf for chairing in my lateness.

  231. Kev

    DateTime: +1week.

  232. linuxwolf


  233. stpeter

    I'll bring up more AOB stuff next week

  234. linuxwolf

    works for me

  235. MattJ


  236. Tobias


  237. linuxwolf

    so next meeting 2012-02-15T16:00Z

  238. ralphm

    stpeter: if you have agenda points, that's not quite AOB :-D

  239. linuxwolf

    I think you all need to recover first

  240. linuxwolf

    and we're at the bell now

  241. ralphm


  242. Kev


  243. linuxwolf

    if nothing crucial ...

  244. Kev

    Not here.

  245. stpeter

    ralphm: right, agenda items

  246. ralphm

    linuxwolf: bang it

  247. linuxwolf bangs gavel

  248. Tobias

    so are we done?

  249. Tobias


  250. linuxwolf


  251. Kev

    Thanks all, thanks linuxwolf.

  252. ralphm

    thanks all!

  253. linuxwolf

    no problem

  254. stpeter

    MattJ and Kev: would you like to review my updates to XEP-0300 before I push it out?

  255. Tobias


  256. linuxwolf

    I'll have the notes out after I get through my meetings

  257. Kev

    linuxwolf: Are you ok with sending out minutes?

  258. Kev

    Great, thanks.

  259. linuxwolf

    which I'm already late for!

  260. Kev

    stpeter: Happy to do so, but don't think it's necessary. I'll shout if I object to them :)

  261. stpeter

    ok! :)

  262. Tobias


  263. MattJ

    stpeter, sure

  264. MattJ

    stpeter, btw, when you get around to XEP-0060... I have a bit of feedback I've been collecting, and probably will have more as I flesh out the pubsub support in Prosody

  265. stpeter

    MattJ: I have a lot of feedback to incorporate :)

  266. stpeter

    MattJ: we didn't discuss "other uses of message forwarding" in Brussels, but it seems to me that http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0297.html might be ready for a last call (will ask for agenda time next week)

  267. MattJ


  268. ralphm

    MattJ: could you send that to the pubsub ml?

  269. MattJ


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  271. stpeter processes various summit and council related items

  272. linuxwolf

    do we still not have room logs?

  273. linuxwolf

    nevermind … answered my own question!

  274. stpeter


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