XMPP Council - 2012-05-25

  1. m and m

    well, that was an interesting bug

  2. m and m

    how should I file swift bugs?

  3. Kev

    Send them to me.

  4. m and m

    will do

  5. Kev


  6. m and m attempts to isolate from logs

  7. m and m


  8. Kev


  9. Kev

    m and m: Well, that's truly odd.

  10. Kev

    It shouldn't be going anywhere near any code that'd be doing that.

  11. stpeter

    yeah, interesting bug -- I saw that in other chatrooms he was in, too

  12. Kev

    It's receiving the 110 code, seeing that the nick isn't what it expects and updates itself.

  13. stpeter


  14. Kev

    The question is why it decided that the nick wasn't the same.

  15. stpeter


  16. stpeter

    escaping madness?

  17. Kev

    Yes, but why?

  18. foo&bar


  19. foo&bar

    what version was he running?

  20. Kev

    Goodness knows.

  21. Kev

    I'm going to guess not latest.

  22. m and m

    1.0.10, thought I put that in the email...

  23. Kev

    Oh, so you did. I skipped it because that's not a Swift version.

  24. Kev

    So 1.0 then, I guess.

  25. m and m

    sorry, yes ... not sure where I got the .10 from

  26. m and m

    oh, the dmg name is Swift-1.0-10.6 ... I must have transposed - to .

  27. Kev


  28. m and m tries out 2.0beta1

  29. Kev


  30. m and m

    already downloaded (-:

  31. m&m

    well, it's fixed in beta!

  32. m&m

    now, to figure out why my prosody server dislikes saving vCard-based avatars...

  33. Kev

    Size limit? Don't have the vcard plugin installed/configured? (If you need such a thing)

  34. m&m

    I do have the vcard plugin installed, and my avatar is 6K @ 64x64 pixels ... well within the stated limits in XEP-0084

  35. m&m

    The error message is the cryptic "Client Disconnected: Invalid Argument"

  36. Kev

    Swift bug?

  37. m&m

    no, it happens with Adium, InstantBird, and PSI

  38. MattJ

    m&m, er, same message in each?

  39. m&m


  40. MattJ

    Not the kind of error message we'd come up with

  41. MattJ

    But I have an idea... do you have compression enabled?

  42. m&m

    mmm ... let me check

  43. m&m


  44. MattJ

    Very strange

  45. MattJ

    Try enabling debug logging in Prosody, it should shed some light on where the error originates at least

  46. m&m


  47. m&m


  48. m&m

    did not even parse it... May 25 15:23:02 socket debug server.lua: client read error: Invalid argument May 25 15:23:02 c2s97d2ed0 info Client disconnected: Invalid argument May 25 15:23:02 c2s97d2ed0 info Destroying session for linuxwolf@outer-planes.net/59b79eb1-ccfa-479f-b7ff-189b0a5790d7 (linuxwolf@outer-planes.net)

  49. MattJ

    What kind of system is it running on?

  50. MattJ

    Also, check your error log

  51. m&m

    Linux (Fedora 15) [linuxwolf@li115-220 ~]$ uname -a Linux li115-220 3.0.18-linode43 #1 SMP Mon Jan 30 11:44:09 EST 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

  52. m&m


  53. MattJ

    Thought so

  54. m&m turns on error logging

  55. MattJ

    Wait, what?

  56. m&m

    log = { { levels = { min = "debug" }, to = "file", filename = "/usr/local/var/lib/prosody/log.txt"}; -- Change 'info' to 'debug' for verbose logging -- error = "/usr/local/var/lib/prosody/err.txt"; -- "*syslog"; -- Uncomment this for logging to syslog -- "*console"; -- Log to the console, useful for debugging with daemonize=false }

  57. MattJ

    What version of Prosody is it?

  58. m&m


  59. MattJ

    That looks like config soup from various versions

  60. m&m


  61. MattJ

    log = { debug = "/usr/local/var/lib/prosody/log.txt"; error = "/usr/local/var/lib/prosody/err.txt"; }

  62. m&m makes changes

  63. m&m

    /-: -rw-r----- 1 prosody prosody 0 May 25 15:30 err.txt

  64. m&m

    maybe I'll build and install 0.9 this weekend

  65. Kev

    0.9's out?

  66. m&m

    no ... but I'm willing to be brave (-:

  67. m&m

    someone needs to disable "avanlindt@sophialegal.com" on the jdev@jabber.org list pronto!

  68. Kev


  69. Kev

    No, you're not my Dad.

  70. dwd

    No, Kev - *I* am your father.

  71. dwd breathes very noisily.

  72. MattJ

    Oh, now it all makes sense