XMPP Council - 2012-06-06

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  4. Kev Ah, Council with nothing to discuss in 15mins.
  5. Kev Let's see if I manage to not forget.
  6. stpeter :)
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  8. Tobias heh
  9. m&m ding
  10. stpeter dong
  11. m&m the witch is dead?
  12. Kev Quite.
  13. Kev Right, so.
  14. Kev I'm not intending to minute meetings with no agendums.
  15. m&m ok
  16. Kev Anyone got anything they want to put in AOB?
  17. m&m not from me
  18. Kev MattJ / stpeter / Tobias / m&m
  19. Tobias aroundish
  20. stpeter fippo sent me updates to XEP-0220 so I need to review and process those, but no action items for the Council yet
  21. Tobias nothing from me either
  22. MattJ Present
  23. Kev I'll casually note, for the benefit of those not following iteam, that the websites should now all be vee seeex.
  24. Kev Although routing isn't quite right yet, so I think they'll be unreachable from some places.
  25. stpeter yes, many thanks to Jerry and Edwin and other folks for all their work on that!
  26. Tobias some places = ?
  27. Kev Tobias: Unknown.
  28. Kev I couldn't ping ipv6.google.com from our machines, at least.
  29. MattJ What exactly are the "routing issues"?
  30. MattJ Hmm
  31. Kev Although now I can!
  32. Kev Anyway. If we have nothing to discuss, shall we adjourn?
  33. m&m congrats!
  34. m&m next meeting?
  35. Kev Oh, good point.
  36. Kev I'm not available next Wed.
  37. m&m I am not available on 6-13
  38. m&m heh
  39. Kev Week after next?
  40. m&m wfm
  41. stpeter so the 20th?
  42. m&m yes
  43. Kev Ah.
  44. Kev I'm conveniently not available then either.
  45. stpeter hehe
  46. stpeter perhaps we could have a meeting on the 20th and someone else could run it, just in case issue arise before then
  47. m&m /nod
  48. stpeter +s
  49. Kev Can do.
  50. m&m I'd be happy it if no one else
  51. stpeter I'll put a meeting in for the 27th, too?
  52. Kev Apologies to whoever's chairing it. I won't be making it.
  53. Kev I seem to be available on the 27th :)
  54. m&m yay! (-:
  55. m&m so, that's it?
  56. Kev Yes, we're done. Thanks all.
  57. Tobias thank you
  58. m&m goes back to docs
  59. stpeter updates the calendar
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  61. stpeter hi ralph
  62. stpeter we're already done
  63. ralphm yeah, I figured
  64. ralphm fortunately I didn't miss a thing
  65. stpeter :)
  66. m&m posted
  67. stpeter so I see :)
  68. stpeter http://www.ietf.org/id/draft-miller-xmpp-dnssec-prooftype-00.txt
  69. stpeter (for the record)
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